Ten Ways to Boost Your House Value

Ten Ways to Boost Your House Value

Even if you're not thinking of selling your home just yet, yet it's never a bad idea to do renovations that keep the value on the property at an optimum high.

However, if you are planning to sell, apart from competing with the beautiful south Jordan homes for sale, renovating should be at the top of your list to maximize its value. There are various innovative ways to make your home more appealing without going big; even the most minor things can help give your home a valuable uplift.

Here are ten brilliant ideas to make your home stand out in Utah. 

Fix Any Structural Issues

Any structural issues left unattended may have a significant impact on the value of your home, ensuring that structural safety and security are a priority.

Making any renovations to your home, like remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, is counterproductive before attending structural damages like subsidence.

Structural damages caused by subsidence can prove to be quite expensive, and when it comes to adding value when selling, it is essential to be on top of these issues.

Invest in New Heating System

One of the best ways to add value to your home is looking at what already exists in it, like that outdated central heating system.

Adding or updating the existing system should be considered when making any energy-efficient improvements like changing the lights system, doors, and windows or adding insulation. If your current boiler is in a relatively working condition, and the output is suitable for the heating requirements for your home, you're in luck for saving costs of buying a new boiling system.

A sound heating system in a house is a good investment, keeping all necessary appliances heated when needed.

Consider Solar Panels

In today's eco-conscious world, owning a solar panel in your home doesn't only boost the value of your home but makes it more appealing and desirable to buyers. South Jordan, Utah, receives a fair amount of sun, and even on cold and rainy days, the stored energy is sufficient to power your home.

When pitching a solar panel, it is essential to stick to a 25° to 35° angle to avoid a negative yield and ensure the roof structure is strong enough to carry the weight of the panels under normal conditions and adverse windy conditions.

Utilize Hydrogen Energy

Modern innovation presents opportunities to optimize home efficiency further, and one such advancement is leveraging hydrogen. The cleanest of all fuels, hydrogen can be stored and transported with minimal impact on the environment, making it a perfect addition to any green home.

Consider investing in a hydrogen fuel cell system that converts hydrogen into electricity, providing a sustainable energy source that enhances your home's value. Hydrogen can also be used for heating, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. High-pressure tanks can be used to safely store hydrogen as a gas, providing a renewable energy source that contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

Although infrastructure and cost may pose initial challenges, the long-term benefits to the environment and property value may outweigh these, positioning your home as a future-ready investment.

Decorating Uplifts

When thinking of a home new look or uplift, one of the first and easiest things that come to mind is decorations. Decorating your adds a valuable aesthetic look that encourages potential buyers swaying them towards buying your home.

From a fresh coat of paint, dressing the kitchen with stunning appliances, decorating your living spaces with live plants, and a few pieces of artwork can stage the home well.

Add Value New Windows

Many buyers consider double-glazing an essential, increasing the value of your home significantly. However, the house style determines the window style, getting this wrong be harmful to the deal.

Unless your building is built in a conservation area, your windows adhere to the building regulations. For durability, hardwood-like timber makes significant window structures that can be low on maintenance, coated them with vinyl, PVCu, or aluminum.

When it comes to a higher value, premium properties, in most cases aesthetics, becomes the significant deciding factor; investing good looking windows that function properly is a good value booster.

Add an Extra Bedroom

You may be aware that every street has a selling value ceiling, and you don't want to oversell in the wrong neighborhood; it may be a fruitless exercise.

However, provided you still have an opportunity to increase your value and don't know how to add extra bedrooms to your home. The number of rooms in a property determines the price bracket before anything else is inspected. Add additional rooms by extending the house's structure or remodel and divide the existing space with walls for a more cost-effective way.

The number of bathrooms should balance the number of bedrooms to the minimum ratio of one to three.

Kitchen Makeovers That Add Value

It is essential to have a clean, attractive, and sociable kitchen to appease both buyers and valuation surveyors. Analyzing the kitchen fundamentals, such as its position and shape, is critical before replacing anything; you may consider changing the entire location of the kitchen.

However, minor changes such as replacing unit doors, new floor tiles, putting on a fresh coat of paint, lighting, or replacing worktops can give your kitchen the uplift it needs to add value.

Easy Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms makeovers are great for adding that wow factor with a luxurious aesthetic look; this adds enormous value.

Excellent neutral-colored paint with adequate natural light whispers hygiene and cleanness every buyer looks for in a bathroom. Light pipes or roof lights are a great source of light if your bathroom has no windows.

There are different ways to add value when dressing your bathroom: Ensure you have a well-maintained shower, an extractor fan for good ventilation, coat unfashionable tiles with clear white tile paint, a well-functioning plumbing system, ultimately, a clean and hygienic floor goes a long way.

Garden a Makeover

A well-groomed garden, neat, and well designed, adds significant value to your home, not only from the outside, but its appeal also boosts the property from the inside and out, this could impress the buyers.

A few ways to makeover the garden bring a pleasant environment while creating a sense of privacy and seclusion. Adding mature trees and a well-designed fence around the garden area is a great value booster. If installing a fence is the number one priority in your list, you can reach out to Timber Ridge Fence Company. Add a distinct space for different occasions to enjoy a barbecue with friends and family, a nice seating area with a lawn and storage hut for maintenance tools.

Without a makeover, there are a few things you can still do to achieve good value, like tidying up litter, weeding, cutting overgrown shrubs and trees.

Exterior Renovations

When you are selling your home, remember that the first impression lasts, which can be the deciding factor between a sale and a miss.

Give your home that extra uplift from the outside to promote that excitement to see more for buyers. A few ways you can do that is by changing a few things from the outside: Repainting the walls, repainting windows and doors, remodeling the porch, replacing the old garage door, repairing any cracks or broken timber or render, and adding a nice house number by the gate and door area.