The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth
Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

Dental care can be complicated sometimes, and it’s about a lot more than how often and how long you brush. The food you eat has a huge impact on the health of your teeth, so here are some foods your local dentist will thank you for having, and some that might make you need to book an appointment.

BEST: Dairy products

Cheese, milk and yoghurt are all amazing for the health of your teeth and gums, and your body in general. They’re low in sugar and high in calcium, which is important for bone density, they contain elements that lower the acidity of your mouth and balance its PH value, and yoghurt contains important probiotics. Overall, these foods will strengthen your bone density and protect you from cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

WORST: Sugar and sweets

Foods that contain too much sugar can contribute to tooth decay and cause cavities. The ones that stay in your mouth for a long time before you swallow also make it especially hard for your saliva to wash away the sugar. Sugar makes your mouth more acidic than it should be, which can dissolve the enamel of your teeth. This includes natural sugars too, and not just the added sugars. Candy, cake, carbonated drinks and other sweet, sugary foods and beverages are best consumed in smaller amounts.

BEST: Nuts

All nuts contain many elements that are hugely beneficial for your teeth, but the absolute best ones are almonds, cashews, peanuts and Brazil nuts. Eating nuts will help you fight the bacteria that lead to tooth decay, stimulate saliva, and get more calcium in your diet. Nuts are simply full of vitamins and other elements that are great for your teeth.


Both red and white wines are acidic and can soften your enamel. This leads to soft teeth, which are more vulnerable to damage in the form of cavities and injuries, as well as tooth decay. Red wine also contains tannins that can stain your teeth permanently.

BEST: Meats

Meats are full of the important nutrients that are also present in nuts and dairy, which makes meat great for your dental health. Additionally, chewing meat, especially red meat or organ meats, produces more saliva. Large amounts of saliva washes away bad bacteria and reduces the acidity of your mouth, so it’s always good to strive for.

WORST: Refined carbs

Crackers, white flour, white bread, pasta, white rice and many other popular foods and snacks are high in refined carbohydrates. These are fine in moderation, but high levels of it might lead to body inflammation. This includes inflamed gums, also known as gingivitis. Refined carbs can also get stuck in your teeth, contributing to cavities. If this continues for a long time, your teeth will decay and you may need to get dental implants in naples to completely replace them.

BEST: Wholewheat

Instead of refined, simple carbs, go for the wholewheat options. Wholewheat bread and pasta, brown rice, and oats contain all contain a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial to your teeth and gums. Complex carbs also give less opportunity for harmful bacteria to grow, so they’re in many ways the opposite of refined carbs.

So now you know what the worst and best foods for your teeth are, will you change up your diet so you can enjoy healthy teeth long into your adult years?