When Is the Best Time for a Carpet Removal?

When Is the Best Time for a Carpet Removal?

Like many flooring options, a carpet can never last forever. There will come a time when you’ll need to replace it with another, and the circle never stops until a modern option changes the game. It could be for various reasons like aging, wear and tear, smell, stains, and increased causes of allergies.

There is no particular time to change your carpet. When you decide to replace your carpet, you should contact companies such as Jiffy Junk for their carpet removal services.

As stated above, there is no fast rule to remove carpet from your floor. Still, if you are unsure about the decision, you can read on to know if your carpet is due for replacement or keep it in place. If you got a quality carpet, it should last for about 5 – 15 years. Changing your carpet within that time range is a good idea.

Here are some reasons why you should consider changing your carpet, and they are strong indicators that it is due for replacement:

Stained Carpet

Stained Carpet

Stains can be disturbing due to the fact that a single stain spot can cause noticeable damage to your entire carpet. Though some carpet has a stain-resistant coating, this feature fades gradually with continual cleaning. 

For example, if you are a pet lover, know that they can easily stain your carpet, whether with their body stains or food. Moreover, stains can also come from hair dyes and drinks that are left carelessly around your home. Stains from dyes can be tough to clean, except when you apply certain solvents. 

If you have young children at home, you almost certainly cannot avoid stains. Children can be very mischievous since they are unaware of many wrongs; they go about doing their things and wrecking damages as they like. Some stains can be manageable, while others cause some sort of irritation, which compels you to feel the need for a change of carpet. However, depending on the kind of stain and how successful you are in getting it clean, you will know for sure if you need to change your carpet or not.

Smelling Carpet

Smelling Carpet

Stains and smell often go hand in hand. Most times, a smell or an odor coming from your carpet is a result of some poor cleaning. Some stains can cause lingering odor, especially when they sink deep into the carpet fibers. These unpleasant odors can last for a really long time. Such smell relatively has little or no solution other than changing the entire carpet. If you keep pets, they can be responsible for a lasting bad smell on your carpet. An excellent way to avoid this is to have a restricted area for them.

However, stains are not only responsible for the foul odor that comes from carpets. Some odors are from mold or bacteria buildup in the carpet. The inner part of the carpet is a suitable place for the growth of bacteria. Over time, they will start producing some appalling smell that can also linger for a long time. Long steam cleaning might solve this problem, but a replacement is your best option for an old carpet.

Aging Carpet

The lifespan of a quality carpet is often between 5 – 15 years. Apart from quality, many other things determine the life span—for example, the owner's usage, exposure to stains, etc.

Over time, you can get tired of the carpet and possibly want a new carpet design. Yours might be different in that you are repainting or redecorating your house, and you do not want your old carpet to be there again. You can opt for a new one.

The usage of your carpet really matters when it comes to lifespan. Take, for instance, the carpet in a visitor’s room where a person occupies only once or twice a month will definitely last longer than the one in your living room. People often say you should get a professional to clean your carpet at least once every 18 – 24 months. It would be best if you vacuumed, clean it regularly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

However, these practices will not make a new carpet last forever, but it can maintain its quality over a long period of time.

Damaged And Ready For A Carpet Removal Process

Carpets can rarely escape all kinds of wear and tear, especially in highly trafficked areas. These damages are in levels. Some can be so obvious that you have no other choice than to replace them.

Others might still be manageable, but it would be your choice to determine if the look of the carpet still suits you or not. Some damages can be caused by the regular exposure of the carpet to stains and moisture. 

The continuous wetting and drying of the carpet can weaken the fibers of the carpet, which can eventually lead to massive tearing. Carpeting is also a big deal, and unfortunately, it can never be restored. Polyester carpets are more prone to carpeting. Carpeting occurs over a long time when the carpet undergoes a lot of pressure and eventually flattens out. When this happens, the only solution is to replace it. Constant maintenance of your carpet will surely help prevent damage to your carpets.

Allergies From Carpet

Allergies From Carpet

As your carpet gets old, they start to breed certain allergies that can be quite hazardous to the body and the orifices. Older carpets, over time, store a lot of dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.

The continuous process of storing all kinds of dirt can lead to allergies. The first time you might notice this is when you are about to clean your carpet; the exuding of dirt on your body and into your nostrils can cause allergies.

For the body, it can be itching, scratching, or redness of your skin. For the nose, it could be irritation, which can also last for a long time.

Parting Words On Carpet Removal

When you or any of your family members start experiencing such, you should consider replacing your carpet. Importantly, you should not replace it yourself to avoid some bad experiences. Hire professionals at Jiffy Junk to get the job done.