Google Tag Manager Integration: Reasons you should use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Integration: Reasons you should use Google Tag Manager
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Curious about Google Tag Manager? You probably heard about this tool on various websites like blogs, forums, YouTube, webinars, social media platforms, various events, etc. You have landed on this page because you want to know more about GTM. Some say this tool helps you optimize your website by helping you keep track of visitors, while others think that this tool is newbie-friendly. No need for extra overhead cost hiring developers because you can automatically install codes all by yourself.

If you want to know more about Google Tag Manager, then you should keep reading this article. This article will tell you what Google Tag Manager is and why you should use it.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Before we dive deeper into the topic of why you need to use Google Tag Manager integration on your website, let us first discuss what Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool is and why it's one of the many popular website integration tools today.

What makes Google Tag Manager great is its free software, meaning you don't have to pay for anything to use this fantastic tool. You need to set up or integrate it into your website. This tool allows you to install various types of codes and tags on your website. Tags like Google Analytics and Google Events are just a few things you can install on your website. Various scripts can also be integrated into your website that can optimize your website. Custom codes can also be installed but keep in mind that installing many codes and tags on your website can slow down your website's loading and refresh time.

Some People Confuse GTM with Google Analytics these two are entirely different, but both can optimize your website. It would be best if you considered using this tool on your website. Not only can it optimize your website, but it also makes the overall website functionality much better. Before Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics code needs to be hardcoded on individual website pages by a web developer. Having hundreds of codes on your website on different pages can be hard to maintain and update. Buti integrating Google Tag Manager solves all this problem because the codes and tags in your website are stored all in one place in your Google Tag Manager account. Think of it as this way, GMT is like a toolbox, where you keep your essential tools all in one place.

Google Tag Manager allows you to test tags to make sure they load the right pages and particular buttons on your website. This tool also allows you to change tags the way they work without changing the website's source codes and scripts. Google Tag Manager allows you to edit tags in Google Tag Manager UI and publish websites with just a clock of a button as easy as that.

Not only can Google analytics be integrated and compatible with GTM. Other examples might include but not limited to the following:

  • Facebook Pixel code
  • Google Ad Words Marketing Tag
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tag
  • Inspectlet tracking code
  • Custom javascript
  • Custom HTML

Are you convinced now why you need to consider using GTM? This tool is free and can make your website performance much better than ever before. Want to know more? Please keep reading the article!

Reasons you should use Google Tag Manager

There are many reasons why you should use GTM on your website. Now without further ado, let's get right into it!

It's Free

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that you can use on your website. It helps if you have such a fantastic tool that provides easy updating and maintaining codes on your website. This tool is straightforward to use and does not require a web developer because you can set up all the tags and codes yourself. You can ask for help if you don't fully understand how it works. This tool is an absolute website optimizer for installing and setting up codes and tags using its User Interface.

Fast deployment of tracking codes

Not all of us can hire a web developer each time we need to update and maintain the codes on our website. Google Tag Manager helps you avoid developers and allows you to implement tracking codes all by yourself. Google Tag Manager Tag management can be added and changed very easily and fast. This is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and marketers because it can be deployed quickly and doesn't require code or source changes to the website. This tool helps speed up the launch time by testing each change done before they deploy them.

Manage Your Websites Tag In One Place

Maintaining and updating codes in the old days takes too long to finish because codes were directly attached to the website. The worst part is you need to find the codes because it was scatted across different files and different places. Thanks to Google Tag Management makes the process much easier and faster.

Troubleshooting and Testing

Without a tool that can maintain and upgrade the codes in your website will make it harder for you to set up your website. Fortunately, there are tools like GTM that will make the job much easier. Google Tag Manager allows you to troubleshoot, correct, and debug codes in your website without the need of a web developer. Using its user interface, you can set up the code and test it before deploying it. It also includes the data and code tracking tags.

Importing and Reusing Container Templates

Using GTM allows you to recycle or to use past container templates that can be used to create your templates. This feature is useful when you implement GA events over and over again.

Website Event Tracking

GTM has a feature called auto event tracking that tracks various events on the websites like clicks, form submission, time spent on websites, and more. Once you enable this feature, the GTM will automatically listen to visitors' interaction on the website.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a good website integration that is compatible with many types of codes. This tool can improve your website's overall functionality. Not Convinced yet? Why not try it for yourself and see the changes.