How to boost your wi-fi signal to get the most out of your internet

How to boost your wi-fi signal to get the most out of your internet
Photo by George Milton from Pexels

If you're trying to boost your Wi-Fi signal so that it's faster and so that you can do more online, there are some tips that you might want to consider. 

Getting What You Pay For

When you choose an internet company or find an internet service by searching for internet providers near me online, you expect to get the speeds that are advertised or that are promised as you're making a monthly payment for this service. Most of the time, the router is the issue if you're not seeing the speed that you desire or if you've seen a decrease in your internet speed. The router plays a significant role in the Wi-Fi signal in your home. If it's not connected properly or if there are issues with the device itself, then you'll usually see a drop in speeds. A new router could be the solution that you need so that everyone in your home can access the internet when they want. 

Reasons For Slow Speeds

Aside from issues with the router, there are some other reasons that you might want to consider if you see slow internet speeds in your home. One would be data caps that are in place by your internet provider. When you choose a provider, you need to ask if there are caps as this would mean that the signal would slow after you use a certain amount of data. The data allowance would be restored when the next billing cycle begins. You can update your equipment with new cords or restart your equipment to see if that will help with your internet speed. Sometimes, you need to clear the caches on the device that you're using or enable an ad blocker so that there's no spam that filters through while you're online. If you're still seeing slow speeds, then you might need to think about changing to another provider. 

Improving Your Speed

A way that you can possibly boost your internet signal is to enhance the security protection on the devices that are used. This can keep other people from tapping into your internet and slowing your signal. 

Look at the settings on your router. Some have an entertainment setting that allows for a better signal for gaming. This can sometimes increase the speed when you're doing multiple tasks online. If you've had your router for some time or if it's a brand that's less expensive than others, then you might want to upgrade the device. You want to get a router that offers better security features as well as offering a signal that's a bit wider than what you have. Resetting your router could help as well if you haven't had your current one for very long. You want to check all of the cords from the router as well as any issues could result in a decreased signal that comes from the router. 

Look at the angles of the router. These can usually easily be moved around in order to get the best signal possible. Try positioning one so that it's pointing to the modem and one so that it's pointing outside as this can sometimes help increase the signal that you have. If there are no antennas, then you could try a router that has them to see if you get a better signal in your home. You can also move the router to an area in your home that's elevated and that's not around other devices.