What is the Future of UX?

What is the Future of UX?
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Starting with the description of UX, which is based on the user experience of the users who interact with the website or app, or game. Now in 2023, it is more about designers trying their level best to meet the needs of the users by delivering a satisfying user experience to them. Now, this UX design holds a considerable position in the digital framework, where the customer’s experience is heavily valued. Therefore, it is critically important for upcoming web designers to know how UX will modify in the future time frame.

The Origin

Customer satisfaction was the topmost priority of every brand for decades, where even a knife of a larger handle would not be of any usage to a person with smaller hands. Therefore, it is perfect to create something that fits and suits everyone and therefore creating overall satisfaction. In 1990 the word User Experience was first termed in the digital framework by Don Norman of Apple. He mentioned it is about the user’s overall experience on the several aspects of a company or its products and services.

Now coming to 2023, in this digital age, products are made more consumer-centric, i.e., they are made after evaluation so that it delivers the perfect amount of productivity and satisfaction.

What might happen in the Future?

  • Healthy UX

Every brand wants its users to get engrossed in their application or website. But the question is being engrossed for hours might cause several health issues to their users. Like using digital devices raises eye-straining issues. Therefore, mega IT brands like Google and Apple have already shifted into a framework that is primarily about the well-being of the users. This kind of AI-based tool intelligently identifies a user’s usage pattern and creates statistics according to it.  Now in compliance with Google and Apple, other app developers have also stood up in creating a system that is more based on the satisfaction that users achieve by using their app, not by the time spent.

So, UX designers and many UX design companies nowadays are more aimed at creating a system that ensures that the users are following a healthy usage pattern. Every UX agency is now more on enquiring their users about their satisfaction and experience from their apps or software or website.

  • UX Design Will Include More Technology

The whole UX industry has loads of stuff that they have stored for the later future to implement. This era has already started seeing applications, websites, and software that work with AI or with voice assistants. The future of UX will be a mixture of intuitive/predictive AI and quality voice/chatbots.

User’s experience will be further augmented with the technologically advanced software that will interact with the human in the closest human-like manner. With advancing years, several brands will integrate the newer technologies into their apps to increase the experience of the users.

Many industry-leading brands have pointed out their whole framework will soon get automated.  With the help of automated technologies, it is easier to create faster and better designs in apps or websites. Most brands are visionary enough in implementing prototyping to better communicate with the stakeholders.

So, summing up the implementation of a voice assistant that works with AI is the next big thing that is going to revolutionize the whole UX experience.

Apart from it, app developers are concentrating on keeping their apps intuitive so that users can be easily familiarized with the setup. This helps in bunking the concept of learning navigation from each app to app.

  • Small Scale UX Design

It is not important to completely change the whole UI to gather good UX, as smaller and correct changes can be impactful. These small changes can also result in bigger improvements in the design. Mobile UX design is about recognizing what the consumers or the users require.  Apart from implementing larger changes like navigation standards, animation, Voice UX, the use of Artificial Intelligence, there are also few things that every designer and developer must do, viz. fixing bugs and keeping things stable so that users can do their daily tasks with ease.


The whole UX framework will therefore encounter several changes in the coming years. The changes are therefore much needed to stay in the face-paced world of digitization and up-gradation of it.