Home Remodeling: Design An Open Kitchen-Living Room - This Is How Your Living Area Looks Harmonious

Home Remodeling: Design An Open Kitchen-Living Room - This Is How Your Living Area Looks Harmonious
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

A long-term trend in the interior sector: the open kitchen. Thanks to this, you are always right in the middle of the action, close to your guests and the whole family. An open kitchen quickly becomes the center of your home. This guide tells you how to design your open kitchen and how best to integrate it into the rest of the living space. Let yourself be inspired by the tips and styling ideas from interior experts like remodeling services in Houston for instance.

To convincingly integrate your open kitchen-living room into the living area, you should create color and decorative transitions. As a result, your kitchen becomes part of the overall picture and does not remain a separate niche. Decorate your open kitchen with ideas from our interior experts:

The Right Choice Of Color

If you want to paint your open kitchen, the color of the walls in this area should be different from that of the living area. It is essential to always stay in the same color family so that the result looks harmonious. If you want a uniform room, paint the walls in the same colors. The same goes for work surfaces and furniture. If these should form a unit with your living room and dining room, use their colors in the kitchen equipment.

Tip: You can, of course, set an exciting accent with one or the other statement piece. A sofa in an intense color or colorful decorative cushions become an absolute eye-catcher in the interior.

Materials Are The Be-All And End-All

Because the materials of the living room are reflected in your kitchen, the room concept appears coherent. Implement this through decoration, home textiles, and furniture made from the same materials. This can be the oak worktop, which is repeated on the dining room table, or silver-colored details found in both the living room and the kitchen.

Lighting Creates Ambiance

Since several areas of life are interconnected in open kitchens, a well-thought-out lighting concept is essential. This should not only be adapted to the individual needs but at the same time create an atmospheric ambiance. For example, LED lights underneath the wall cupboards are a good choice to perfectly illuminate the work area. A ceiling lamp provides the necessary essential lighting, and the dining table is illuminated with a stylish hanging lamp.

Tip: It is nice to set up the same lamp collection - place the floor lamp in a line in the living room and the corresponding table lamp on your kitchen block. Or at least pay attention to similar lamp bases and frames when choosing a lamp. What gives your kitchen-living room a warm atmosphere: An ensemble of candles or vases filled with fairy lights. These conjure up a soft, warm light.

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Personalize your kitchen with a selection of picture frames that you present in an unused corner of your countertop which can be done by experts like Home Addition services in Houston amongst others. The same frames could hang on the dining room wall and create a visual connection. Always beautiful and practical: place several planters with herbs on your kitchen island. Fresh basil, rosemary, or sage not only look beautiful, but they also smell lovely. Flowers are also pleasing to the eye - hydrangeas, roses, and orchids enrich the kitchen block with their variety of colors.