Introduction to Online Map Makers | Features & Upsides

Introduction to Online Map Makers | Features & Upsides

Online mapping is revolutionary. The invention has simplified the process of map data collection and even the creation of maps. There are maps delivered by the geographical information system (GIS) on the internet and the process of utilizing these maps is referred to as online mapping. Another name for online maps is web maps.

In 2002, the first class of online maps was created by Kreak. The invention was historic. Kreak differentiated static and dynamic and later the interactive and view-only online maps. There are different types of online maps;

1. Analytical online maps

Analytical online maps provide geographic information system (GIS) analysis.

2. Animated and real-time maps

Animated and real-time maps are usually animated. Sensors are used to collect data and maps are generated and updated regularly or on-demand.

3. Collaborative online maps

Collaborative online maps help users to collaborate and create and also improve the online mapping experience.

4. Online atlases

Online atlases offer raw data of geospatial data sources.

Online map makers

Mapmaking integrates data and art. The data is the unprocessed information that will be conveyed and art the method of conveying the data. Using the right combination of both data and art will help to create the perfect map. The rising popularity of online map makers has enabled users to create maps quickly and easily. The process, moreover, does not require any technical training or mapping expertise. By using online map makers, you can easily customize your map to meet your needs and preferences with different available customization tools.

Online maps maker will help you achieve the following;

  1. 1. Control your map using the available features to drag it, zoom in, zoom out, and show more details with the online map maker.
  2. 2. Find addresses, stores, and other areas and features of geographical maps.
  3. 3. Display your map in the way you want it, share the map with your choice audience whether privately or publicly and also print out the map.

Different tools in an online map maker

1. Filtering tools

Filtering tools allow you to sort, filter, and group your data. It allows you to show your data exactly how you want it. You can also use it to perform relevant analytics, and show useful insights.

2. Store locator

Store locator allows you to create a presence for your business on the map and makes it easily found by your customers. Online map maker features provide you a correct direction to wherever you want to locate. You can also calculate your driving distances from and to wherever you want.

3. Data export

You can export your data as a PDF, KML, or as a high-resolution image. The data can be used for further Geographic Information Analysis (GIS) analysis, and cartography.

4. Customization tools

You can personalize your map based on your preference. Choose elements you want to display and colors you want to represent different data. You can modify your map color& customize it to your preference. For example, you can show the area density with different colors.