Natural Hair Oil: Benefits, Choosing Oil, and How to Do It

Natural Hair Oil: Benefits, Choosing Oil, and How to Do It
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Healthy and lustrous hair makes a strong style statement. It enables a person to try different hairstyles and fashion trends. And now that both men and women are conscious about hairstyling so much, it is crucial to maintain their health. One should not just rely upon shampoos, conditioners and serums to cleanse and look after her hair. This hair care regime is incomplete without natural hair oil. Conditioning the scalp with the perfect organic oil is just like ploughing a field for rich cultivation. Our hair also requires all the essential nutrients to grow strong and healthy. Let us understand the importance of oiling hair and choosing an organic product for the same.

Organic Hair Oils: The Perfect Mix of Natural Ingredients

Before understanding the procedure of using natural hair oil and realising its benefits, buying the most suited product is necessary. One of the best one-stop shops online is Juicy Chemistry. Each product is a well-balanced blend of natural ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp. To know more about the available options, click here And to understand how to choose the perfect hair oil and use it for healthy growth, read on!

Essential oils mixed with a light carrier oil serve as the most nutritious food for hair growth!

Benefits of Using Organic Oil For Head Massage

A natural hair oil serves a range of benefits as it is full of essential enzymes and minerals. While the advantages depend upon the properties of the chosen oil, there are some common perks to all.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Our hair requires enough minerals, protein and vitamins to grow naturally. Continuous exposure to heat, dust, sunlight and regular wear and tear can damage the pores. Natural essential oils are full of nutrients that restore the natural growth enzymes of the scalp.

Strengthens Roots

Biotin, protein and Omega 3 are essential for the scalp to stay healthy and oxygenated. Natural oils seep into the scalp and strengthen the roots to prevent hairfall and breakage. Oils like Chamomile, Lavender, black seed, etc., have all the goodness of nature to protect the hair roots from external damage.

No Harmful Chemicals

Most beauty companies use preservatives, sulphate, vegetable oil, palm oil, and active compounds to extend the shelf life of the products. However, natural hair oil is free of these complex ingredients as long as one chooses the best brand. This oil without any chemicals soothes the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Nourishes The Scalp

Scalp nourishment is an essential part of hair care. After all the styling and colouring that we put our hair through, it is the healthy texture of the scalp that protects it. One needs to provide the right amount of nutrition to the scalp by choosing the best hair oil. Essential oils are highly effective in reducing dandruff and protecting the skin of the scalp.

Gives A Natural Shine

Hair strands with a natural shine and lustre are everyone’s dream. While the quality of shampoos and conditioners play an active role here, one needs to use the best natural hair oil too! Ingredients like Horsetail oil, Argan and Marula are effective in providing this natural shine. One can either use them as base oils or take a mixture of all these oils to nourish the hair. 

Prevents Hairfall

The ever-changing weather conditions and increasing humidity in India lead to dirt blocking up the pores. This common issue leads to excessive hairfall. One can fight this impact with the help of the best natural hair oil.

How To Choose The Best Oil As Per Hair Type

Picking the right hair oil requires permutations and combinations of understanding the hair type and properties of the oil. One needs to consider a few factors to make the best selection. Here are a few tips that are highly effective in getting the best result.

  • Identify The Hair Type

Some of the common hair types are straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, dry, oily or a combination of any of these types. One needs to identify her hair type to start with the process!

  • Always Trigger Hair Problems

Hairfall, dandruff, strand breakage, frizziness, etc., are a few of the common problems. Different natural oils deal with these problems. Like, Amla is essential to stop hairfall. One must do this math properly to get the best results.

Scalp massages with natural oils are highly beneficial in promoting hair growth.

  • Choose The Right Brand

The brand of every skin and hair care product plays a role in securing its effectiveness. Some brands claim essential oils but provide a mixture of vegetable and palm oils. One must make a wise choice here.

  • Check The Product Composition

Finally, check the composition of the chosen brand to ensure the products are free of sulphate and paraben. It helps us understand how effective natural hair oil will be for us.

Learn The Proper Technique of Using Natural Hair Oil

One of the tricks that we keep hearing from our grandmothers is how massaging our hair using the appropriate technique is crucial for hair growth. We often just dab the oil on our hair, and it fails to seep into the roots! Here are a few tips to help the process.

  • Take a suitable essential oil and mix it in equal parts with a carrier oil to make a balanced mixture.
  • Heat the oil till it is warm enough to dip fingers!
  • Part the hair in two halves. Take some oil and apply it deeply into the roots of the hair.
  • Once the oil is evenly spread on the scalp, use circular motions to massage the oil into the scalp.
  • Do not rub vigorously, as it can cause hair breakage. Just apply bearable pressure with fingers to massage soothingly.
  • Leave the oil overnight and wash the hair with a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo the next morning.

One must follow these tips while selecting the perfect natural hair oil to maintain a healthy growth of the hair. And for that to work out, it is essential to choose the best brand of oil. Check out the link above to see the well-balanced collection. Take fashion games to the next level by sporting lustrous and strong hair!