Top 5 Tips for Business Travelers to New York

New York is a very common place for business meetings. It can be said that New York literally lives a business. It is a business city. If you want to go somewhere you can relax, you should choose another city. New York has its unforgettable rhythm, fast pace, and above all the mood of hard business. After all, a really large number of entrepreneurs have built their business in this city. 

Top 5 Tips for Business Travelers to New York
Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

It's no secret that most companies want to have at least one branch in New York. Not because it is really necessary, but above all, for prestige. Having a New York-based company - even better - based in Manhattan is perhaps every entrepreneur's dream. It radiates respect and absolutely eliminates any doubt on whether the company is high quality. What is good in New York, is one of the social dogmas.

However, it is not just a place for quality companies. It is also a place where companies (even the smaller ones) send their people to negotiate cooperation with larger companies. 

It is true that there is money in New York, and money moves the world of business the most. That's why hundreds of thousands of business travelers who are in town for a business visit are seen in New York every year. And that is exactly the subject of this article. 

These business travelers and entrepreneurs have to live somewhere. At least for the period that they have to be in New York.

Since business travelers are in New York for a shorter time than the residents themselves, they require worry-free accommodation with the greatest possible comfort. 

Accommodation must, of course, be of the highest quality. Therefore, if you are sending an employee to New York, or you are going to New York, you should choose a corporate housing in NYC by visiting this website.

On the website you will find accommodation that will be comfortable, worry-free, short-term (or to your liking) and, of course, cheap. In this case, however, the statement that what is cheap is bad, does not hold true. In Coliving, this is rather the other way around.

Tip 1 - Less worries, more focus

The first tip we can give you if you ever go to New York for business is to avoid unnecessary things that will distract you from your main goal. 

Your main goal is probably to arrange a deal or sell something. Therefore, you should stay as quickly as possible and without the unnecessary worries that arise from accommodation. 

This is exactly what Coliving offers you. It is one of the best options for short-term accommodation, of high quality, and thanks to which you will be able to focus fully on your goal. 

In addition, you will save and will most likely be able to live in the part of New York that will offer you the best the city has to offer.

Tip 2 - Save time

Another tip is saving time itself. As they say in New York, "Time is money," so you shouldn't waste it. 

Thanks to Coliving, you will definitely not waste time, because you won’t have to deal with the unnecessary search for quality accommodation and the unnecessary browsing of dozens of different short-term rental offers.

Every businessman and trader in New York knows that time is his most expensive commodity, and that is why you should not waste it. 

When you choose Coliving for your accommodation, you simply do everything online, show up with one suitcase containing personal effects and dive straight into business, while at the same time living.

Tip 3 - Fast internet beyond mobile data

The easiest way to quickly connect to Wi-Fi and find your way when you're lost among skyscrapers is definitely Starbucks. They are really on every corner. 

But if you want to relax or have a coffee and deal with emails, you can find an internet connection in almost every cafe or restaurant or fast food. 

If you want to be online uninterruptedly and not stress yourself searching for Wi-Fi, just stop by the nearest T-Mobile and buy a one-time monthly sim, the price of which is around $30.

Tip 4 - Move fast

If you have an important meeting, you clearly don't want to miss it. That's why it's necessary to move around New York quickly and easily. 

How do you go about it? 

The most common and at the same time the easiest transport system in New York City is clearly the local subway. 

You can see it really everywhere from Manhattan to Brooklyn, or even on Coney Island. And even in an ordinary subway, you will be engulfed by the atmosphere of New York. 

Each one-time subway ride costs $3, but unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a pass for the whole day. But if you want to have an experience with everything, board one of the iconic yellow taxis.

However, it can slow you down because New York traffic is terrible. That is why we only recommend moving on foot or by metro.

Tip 5 - Adapt

To succeed like a real New York businessman, you should fit into New York. 

New Yorkers usually walk much faster than ordinary people, and this can be noticed at first glance. Therefore, we recommend that you speed up your move. 

We equally recommend you go to fast food or cafes, which are, by the way, a very common meeting place for business persons. Fast foods are usually located on the corner of the streets, making them very difficult to overlook, which is why meetings are held there very efficiently. 

After all, business persons are mainly concerned about closing a deal and not about the place or time, where and when, he meets his business partner. When there is no time to arrange for a proper meeting place, it can easily be held in Starbucks or any fast food, so don't be surprised if your potential business partner tells you to meet at such a place.


What you will do in New York after closing a deal is totally your business, but if you want to negotiate a business very quickly, housing is the biggest issue you need to find a solution to. 

It always takes the most time of all. That's why we once again recommend that you take advantage of Coliving, because thanks to Coliving you can close your life changing business deal faster than you imagined.