Dysport Injections in Cosmetology

Dysport rejuvenation injections break the nerve circuit, stopping the impulse on the way to the muscles. The muscles temporarily relax, the fibers stop responding and over-tighten the skin. As a result, even deep folds disappear.

Dysport injections  in cosmetology

Botulinum toxin is able to block the signals that the brain sends to muscles. Therefore, after the injection, even those facial muscles that are always in tension are relaxed. They, by interrupting the chain of transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, smooth the skin and give it elasticity.

Dysport wrinkle injections are capable of many things:

  • face shape correction, elimination of asymmetry;
  • elimination of increased sweating;
  • removal of muscles from hypertonicity after a stroke.

They are a harmless and painless procedure that guarantees long-term results.

Dysport Injections in Cosmetology

In what cases is Dysport harmful?

Many people are interested in an important question - are there any contraindications?

Although the procedure is completely safe, there are a number of restrictions:

  • bleeding disorder;
  • inflammation in the area of the future injection;
  • taking antibiotics, anticoagulants;
  • pregnancy;
  • age under 12 and over 65.

Going to the procedure for a beautician, you need to understand what dysport is and what contraindications it has. Therefore, before the procedure, you should definitely warn the cosmetologist about the presence of the listed restrictions and allergies.

How is Dysport different from Botox?

Botox and dysport are beauty injections that are successfully used in cosmetology.

These drugs are designed to combat expression lines. But there are differences in their composition and principle of action.

Botox was developed back in the 80s in America. With its appearance, a whole era of cosmetic procedures based on botulism toxin began. A little later, French doctors released an analogue of Botox - Dysport.

Botox and dysport - beauty injections

Botox and Dysport injections are based on one active ingredient - botulinum toxin. The main difference between the drugs is the use of different proteins that deliver the toxin to the muscle fibers. But there are other differences:

  • Dysport contains about 3 times less toxin units than Botox.
  • The effect of the face injection is noticeable as early as 2-3 days after the injection, while Botox manifests itself only 4-7 days. But in the end result, these drugs act for the future - they have a long-term effect. So it is safe and easy to buy dysport online.

Dysport injections in cosmetology

It is a procedure that is unrivaled in its effectiveness. Injections allow you to quickly smooth out wrinkles and restore youth to the face.

Injections into mimic wrinkles are carried out only after a comprehensive consultation with a beautician. Ensure that the practitioner must have received aesthetic injector training so you can get the best results. The whole session will take no more than 10 minutes, and the result will be noticeable for more than one month. The procedure is performed with an anesthetic gel and is therefore completely painless.

Side effects (bruising, headache) are extremely rare. To avoid unpleasant consequences after the procedure, it is not recommended:

  1. Visit baths, saunas, solariums.
  2. Take antibiotics for 2 weeks after your procedure.
  3. Massage the face the first day after injection.

In this article, we tried to tell everything. But before the procedure, you should definitely consult a cosmetologist.