Reasons to Buy a Smoky Mountain Cabins for Sale as a Vacation Rental Property

Reasons to Buy a Smoky Mountain Cabins for Sale as a Vacation Rental Property
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Buying a vacation rental property is one way to diversify your income, plan for retirement, build wealth, and go for a vacation at a minimal cost. The reason for the need to get a vacation rental property will determine the type you want. 

Most investors who enjoy the peace of nature are turning to log cabins for vacation properties. Log cabins, which were majorly vacation houses, are currently being used for primary residences. 

What could be the reason for the renewed rush for log cabins? Why are they popular nowadays? What are the reasons to buy a Smoky Mountains cabin for sale as a vacation rental property? We've got the answers. 

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Why a Smoky Mountains Vacation Cabin is Best

Build Equity and Wealth

Buying a Smoky Mountains cabin means you've joined other savvy investors who understand what it means to have real estate holdings. The log home can be a legacy your loved ones will enjoy when you're gone or be an investment. 

More so, when you buy log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains, NC, you don't have to pay cash. You can utilize different financing options.

By hosting a few rental guests, you can offset the log cabin's property taxes, home maintenance cost, HOA fees, and mortgage while your property builds wealth for both today and tomorrow. 

If you love using the log cabin for your vacations, paying guests will probably want to use it, too, especially if the log home is eye-catching and pet-friendly.

Diversify Your Income

Acquiring a log cabin vacation rental and renting it out helps you create a short-term rental income stream. That way, you can use the revenue to supplement any interest-bearing income or salary you earn. 

Hence you need to work with a vacation rental savvy realtor with local experts like the professionals at Short Term Shop. That way, you'll buy a property you can always monetize whenever you aren't using it. 

Limitless Decor Option

Some people think that owning a log home means you'll be limited to only country decor. However, you can employ several log home decoration options to transform your cabin, ranging from upscale, sophisticated designs to rustic cowboy styles. 

Don't forget that logs are merely a building material. It isn't a style. 

Perfect Ventilation

Most people buy Smoky Mountains log cabins for sale because you don't need an expensive conditioning or ventilation system.

Ventilation happens naturally through a log cabin's timber walls. It's difficult for the air to feel stuffy or dry, unlike brick and mortar houses, especially during winter.

More so, you can't be bothered by too much moisture in a cabin when it rains heavily because timber creates an ideal moisture balance. Thus, when the air becomes very dry, the wood gives back the moisture.

Reasons to Buy a Smoky Mountain Cabins for Sale as a Vacation Rental Property
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Plan for Retirement

Although you might not be recovering now, buying a log cabin vacation home will open up some exciting options for you. Do you wish to host your loved ones in a log cabin vac home during special visits or holidays? Then consider buying luxury log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains now. 

When you're ready to retire, your vacation home mortgage would have been completely paid or at least remaining a small amount.  And with the best property management firm looking after your cabin, it'd be well cared for until you decide to retire there. 

Easy Maintenance

Log home maintenance is a significant factor that puts people off this type of rental property. Surprisingly, cabins aren't difficult to maintain. Their maintenance is simply a bit different from other property types. 

Following your stain/sealant and manufacturer's recommendations will ensure your log home keeps looking its best without you having to break your back or the bank.


Over the years, different log homeowners have reported how their cabin stood against severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes, standing tall and suffering minimal damage when other structures have been razed to the ground. So be rest assured, your investment will be there for a long time.

How to Maintain Your Log Cabin

The number one problem most people who buy secluded Smoky Mountains cabins for sale experience involves moisture. Thus, it'd be best if you took preventive measures to curb moisture-related problems. You need to start with the design process and ensure rainwater is directed away from low-lying logs. Also, make sure the roof extends beyond the foundation and has sufficient overhang. 

While maintenance tasks like checking the roof condition, clearing gutters and debris are what other brick and mortar homeowners do, other tasks exist specifically for maintaining log homes. For instance, it'd be best to check your exterior twice every year to pay special attention to areas that are susceptible to damage, especially from extreme weather.

Your log home's condition can also be affected by wind, snow, rain, and sun. Cracks are almost unavoidable but ensure you seal them before they become worse. It'd be best to re-stain the whole cabin every three years to protect it against sun damage. 

Your cabin will require annual washing. If you intend to do this yourself, there are several detergents for this purpose. We advise, however, that you hire a professional for this task. Also, check your chinking every year. 

Seeing as many cabins are vacation properties, it'd be best if you don't leave it vacant for long without supervision to avoid speedy rot.

Final Thoughts

Log homes are the latest trend when it comes to vacation rental properties. Because its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, this is an investment you'll enjoy having for a long time. More so, the value hardly depreciates, suppose you wish to sell in the future. 

From the following reasons mentioned above, you can see why buying a Smoky Mountains log cabin for sale will be the best decision you can ever make when it comes to investing in a vacation rental property. 

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