Top 4 Benefits of Server Automation: Increase Efficiency and Reliability

Top 4 Benefits of Server Automation: Increase Efficiency and Reliability

In a fast-paced world, complex tasks can be automated to save businesses time and money. ServerTribe is the leading Server Automation provider for both small-to-medium enterprises and large enterprise organizations. ServerTribe's Server Automation suite "Attune" includes server virtualization management software that helps organizations simplify their IT environment by eliminating manual tasks, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

This blog post will explore 4 benefits of Server Automation: increased efficiency, improved reliability, reduced downtime, less administrative overhead, and faster recovery from system crashes or failures. ServerTribe's Attune is the perfect solution for organizations that want to improve their server management while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

About Server Automation

Server automation is the process of automating tasks on a server, which can be done using scripting languages such as Server-Side Scripting. Server Automation enables more efficient and reliable environments to run by removing human error during routine tasks like backups or updates with fully automated scripts that do not require any input.

4 Benefits of Server Automation

Server automation can be a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve efficiency and reliability. It is important because it reduces the need for human intervention, error rates will go down drastically, and there will be less downtime if an issue arises.

  • It can increase your business efficiency by automating manual tasks.
  • It improves reliability because it eliminates human error and reduces downtime from hardware failures or disasters.
  • Server Automation saves businesses time, money & administrative overhead by letting the team members focus on more important tasks.
  • It helps minimize data loss in case of system crashes or failures, thanks to virtualization backup technology which ensures everything is ready when you need it.

Attune solves many problems that would otherwise require expensive IT staffing solutions. So, as long as the automated approach makes sense in terms of cost savings versus manpower hours needed, then server automation should absolutely be considered!

Attune by ServerTribe: Perfect Server Automation Solution

Take Attune By ServerTribe for example, it is used across industries all over the world because it enables organizations to automate their IT operations quickly without having someone spend hours scripting.

ServerTribe enables organizations to focus on their core competency without having to worry about IT operations such as backups, patches, and updates. Server automation has proven benefits both for the people working with it and those who are using the systems that are being automated.


When Server Automation is implemented, IT teams see an average of a 20% increase in efficiency and reliability. Server automation has proven to be one of the most effective ways for global organizations to alleviate their current workloads, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects that drive business growth.

ServerTribe’s Attune platform automates server management tasks such as provisioning servers from templates or cloning new servers while configuring all necessary settings automatically when deploying nodes with pre-defined user access level policies. ServerTribe's Attune Enterprise Server Management Platform uses virtualization technology combined with automated software configuration processes and scripting capabilities - enabling multi-platform flexible deployment options across multiple physical locations around the world – reducing operational costs.