The Best Ways to Feed the Needy

The Best Ways to Feed the Needy

Although we predominantly associate malnutrition with developing countries, over one and a half million people in the UK go hungry in the UK, whilst upwards of eight million go hungry in the US every year. In order to make a difference, we need to stop distancing ourselves from the hunger crisis as it is right on our doorstep. With the right steps, we can help feed the needy both locally and globally but what kind of steps are available to us?

Researching The Hunger Crisis

It cannot be denied that you cannot truly help alleviate hunger, on a local or global scale, if you are not informed on what the problem is. There are many charities out there that will provide you with the necessary information about hunger statistics across the globe. These charities put together webpages, leaflets, and posters that break down the vital information and statistics to aid your understanding. The hunger crisis is an intricately complex matter but these charities present the facts and figures in the most accessible way.

Supporting Local Food Banks

Support can come in multiple forms, whether it be through the donation of food, money, or time. When donating food, you should gather dried goods with a long shelf life to feed the needy. However, if for whatever reason you cannot donate foodstuffs, most food banks will accept monetary donations to stock up on food. Another valuable donation is your time, wherein you volunteer to help monitor the food bank and ensure that food is being fairly distributed.

Supporting Local Soup Kitchens

Soup kitchens ensure that the needy are provided with a hot meal that they can eat in the company of others. You might support your local soup kitchen through a monetary donation which would contribute to the funding of their space and produce. Similarly, you could volunteer and serve food to those in need yourself.

Supporting Meals on Wheels

Meals on wheels delivers food to elderly people whose mobility, and consequently access to food, is restricted. You can donate to Meals on Wheels funds to make sure that vulnerable elderly people are not going hungry.

Giving Food to Rough Sleepers

Without access to a home, it is very likely that any rough sleeper you encounter is hungry. Offering them food or even a hot drink will go a long way and could prevent them from going weeks without a meal.

The Best Ways to Feed the Needy

Donating To Charity

There are multiple charities designed to tackle the hunger crisis both locally and globally and any donation to these will make a huge difference.

Some charities are fuelled by religious practices such as Qurbani – but when do you give Qurbani? Qurbani falls across the 10th, 11th, and 12th days of the last month of the Islamic year. It is during this time that Muslims will provide someone in need with a nutritious meal.

Despite this, ending the hunger crisis is not strictly a religious duty and should be a communal mission across the globe.


It is astounding how many people across the globe still go hungry to this day. There is more than enough food in the world to ensure that everyone is fed, yet poor distribution means that hundreds of millions of people go hungry daily.

The hunger crisis can be eliminated if everyone does their bit, whether it be a small donation or occasional volunteering, your contribution goes a long way and will change someone’s life for the better.

No one deserves to go hungry, and you can help change the frightening hunger statistics one step at a time.