What You Should Know About Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are an ecommerce business, chances are good that you own a Shopify store, or at least you have heard of Shopify.

Shopify is the 3rd largest ecommerce platform with over 800,000 Stores in 175 countries around the world. Starting in 2018, Shopify buyers pay has grown 55% over the previous year, with Black Friday 1.5 sales exceeding $ 2018, which is 10,978 orders / minute.

What You Should Know About Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

So why is Shopify so popular with ecommerce users? The answer is a complete, one-stop e-commerce platform, and it's super easy to use. Shopify gives you the ability to start, grow, and manage your business both online and offline through Shopify POS.

If quick commitments aren't your thing, you can start with Shopify's 14-day free trial to build and test your online store. The basic plan for Shopify store owners is $ 29 / month and you can upgrade at any time.

Building / owning a Shopify store is a significant step forward, but it's only the first step in the long-term race to build profitable ecommerce platform. 

Optimizing product landing page

Optimizing content on a product page is an important step to maximizing your Shopify conversions. Using focus keywords in product titles and descriptions is the first step in the checklist.

Your landing page title should be short and keyword targeted. The preferred word limit is 3-10. Your landing page subtitle should be clearer and more compelling; the recommended word limit is 10-30. Then, as a store owner, you can go for hiring the services of an expert like “Tada” for best integrating store conversion Apps, tools and ideas. One such perfect example is a Wheel of Fortune App that motivates users or site visitors to play a fun game, win a discount code and shop online from your store with that coupon code.

The screenshot below is a great example of a tip: "Try it for free" CTA dramatically underlines the color choices.

Digital analytics is the key to customer cognition

Digital analytics involves tracking all indicators in your business and making changes to the strategy or individual processes depending on the decrease or increase in the values of these indicators.

When promoting an online store, you need to pay attention to many processes and constantly answer many questions:

  • -What are the most effective traffic sources?
  • -What are the most effective Facebook interests?
  • -Which GEOs are the most profitable?
  • -Which creatives / texts / splash screens bring more clicks and sales?
  • -What is the conversion on the site? How and why does it change?
  • -Why do people abandon the cart?
  • -What payment service do customers use most often? And much more.

Let your competitors help

Wait, what?

Why will your competitors help?

They won't - but an analysis of their content marketing efforts Will!

Content marketing tips to optimize conversions

There are several reasons why you want to see what your competitors are doing. Read information: https://www.makebecool.com/services/magento-to-shopify.

Here are some questions:

a. What are they doing right?

If your competitor's content grabs attention and increases their conversion rates, they are doing something right. While you don't want to subscribe to them or copy their content in any way, determining what type of content is best for their audience (and therefore yours) is not a bad idea.

b. How can I be different?

By observing what competitors are doing, you will see that your content is different - and definitely better. It should be more interesting, thought-provoking, more valuable. Everything from the topics you discuss to how you cover them should be better.

While the two seem to contradict each other, they work hand in hand. This content should be of a kind!