A Guide for Designing Different Kinds of Restrooms

A Guide for Designing Different Kinds of Restrooms
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Gone are the times when a typical home would feature a small restroom with essentials in furnishings and flooring. All bedrooms nowadays have adjacent bathrooms. 

They are now treated as important as any other part of the house with the necessary equipment and trendy interiors. It is for sure challenging to figure out how you would design your bathroom’s layout. 

The five vital elements for all restrooms include wall shelves, the vanity, mirrors, wall niches and, lights. However, additional accessories can also enhance the appearance of your washroom. 

Provided below is a small guide consisting of the essential aspects to assist you in getting started. For more information on bathroom layouts, check out Victoria Plum.

Designing Master Bathrooms 

Master bathrooms are the most spacious among all bathrooms in a house. On the one hand, you have the basic requirements of all restrooms and then some unique design aspects that distinguish the master restroom. 

This is where the interior layout comes into play. Feel free to experiment with a variety of innovative designs and finishing. 

1. Flooring and Walls 

A significant aspect of bathroom layout is the flooring. Choosing well-suited flooring would not only enhance the appearance but could also be a game-changer. 

This is the only place in your house where the walls and flooring materials can be the same. Using opulent tiles such as glass, ceramic, vitrified tiles and stones like granite or marble is highly recommended. 

These materials can also be employed on the walls to provide flair and attractiveness to your main bathroom. They come in different styles and colors to complement any style.

2. Accessories

Since master restrooms are spacious enough, they are capable of including more than the essentials. You can include bathtubs, cubicles, vanities, showers and mirrors. Using materials such as quartz, glass, and marble can enhance the bathroom aesthetically. 

Shower cubicles should be made of frosted or colored glass. These components are lustrous and gleaming, which makes them ideal for the main bathroom.

3. Fixtures 

Hardware and fixtures are equally significant for bathrooms. The minor touches may make a big difference in the general appearance of a room.

This is why using plastic fixtures, or stainless steel is not the best option. Instead, copper and gold plated equipment would be a better choice. 

4. Décor

Restrooms are the last spot on our minds when we think about décor. Decorating the bathroom is critical to complete the house’s overall look. To add some vibrancy to the area, take inspiration and incorporate a plant wall, wall hangings, or even plant pots.

5. Lighting 

Lighting is vital in creating a luxurious and elegant appearance for the restroom. Furthermore, if your toilet is not large enough, the correct lighting will ricochet off the mirrors and making the space appear bigger. 

Better lighting will help draw attention to all of the design aspects in the restroom, making it stand out. Spotlights, rear mirror lights, and fluorescent fixtures are all options for organizing bathrooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.