Forex Blogs to Follow for Smart Investments

Blogging in 2023

The digital era and social media has led to people sharing visual content, such as pictures and videos, as their way of storytelling. In light of this, some might argue that written content is too time-consuming and that the interest in it no longer exists, however, that is not entirely true. Many academics and avid readers still turn to blogs for their information and follow those in their industries of interests because they provide value and insights from industry insiders and experts in some cases.

Therefore, it can be said that blogging remains relevant in 2023, but there are a few changes to what it was before. Other than the privacy and plagiarism concerns that exist, blogging nowadays can also be an income stream because some online blogs can be monetised.

Forex Blogs to Follow for Smart Investments
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This means that bloggers need to review how they present their content and explore ways of providing the most value to their audiences, so as to ensure that they return to the blog and as a way of attracting new loyal readers and driving traffic to their site. Bloggers are often respected within their niche if they have built credibility over time.

Blogs are also the go-to options for many novice traders who are looking to get started, as they provide a level of guidance to them on their trading and investment journey.

When it comes to more specialised niches such as finance and investment, remaining informed on industry developments and regulations is advised as your audience views you as a thought leader and news source. In the advent of forex trading and the exploration of investment options, people are turning to online resources, tools and writings on best practices.

Forex blogs to follow

Any knowledgeable forex blogger will most probably tell you that USD and CAD forex trading remains popular, as the currency pair has proved to be lucrative and relatively stable. This ultimately builds investor confidence and encourages traders to invest in it. Forex blogs are a viable way of getting such information on the financial markets and how to go about trading, and while there are many for you to choose from, below are just some of the suggested reads.

1. Abnormal Returns

Described as a “forecast-free investment blog,” Abnormal Returns seeks to provide clarity on the financial markets and trading. Its followers look to it for daily news and insightful pieces, as it has built a reputation for itself over the roughly 10 years of its existence.

2. Finance Magnates

This diverse blog offers news, research and consequential information on the finance industry and the world of forex trading. It is viewed as a multi-asset trading knowledge hub and forex traders generally look to it for industry developments, regulatory news, as well as general writings on global trading.

3. Investopedia

Arguably one of the most popular blogs for financial insights and teachings, Investopedia boasts information that is sourced from data scientists and financial experts. This makes is that much more credible and most likely why it has approximately 60 million page visits per month. Forex traders also find it valuable because it offers insight on technical trading indicators.

Currently, these are the top three blogs to follow for smart forex investments.