Jewel Waterfall: A Must-See Attraction in Jewel Changi

Even before Jewel Changi opened in 2019 people were already excited about it. This is because it promised to feature great attractions that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. One of these attractions is the HSBC Rain Vortex, which is also known as Jewel Waterfall. It’s the main draw of the new section of Changi Airport and it’s absolutely stunning. Since Jewel Changi opened, more than 300,000 people visit it each day. And one of the reasons for their visit is to see the man-made waterfall. These include people who don’t even have flights. They just want to see what the Rain Vortex is all about.

Jewel Waterfall: A Must-See Attraction in Jewel Changi

The HSBC Rain Vortex is considered as the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. It stands 40 meters tall. To give you an idea how tall it is, it spans seven storeys. And to see water cascading from the dome-shaped roof of the Jewel Changi is simply awe-inspiring. It’s definitely worth paying a visit to Jewel Changi. If you’re flying to Singapore, don’t miss the chance to see this wonderful spectacle. This indoor Jewel waterfall pumps thousands of liters of water each day. But what many people don’t know is that the water is supplied by rainfall. This makes the Rain Vortex a sustainable attraction. Earth warriors would be delighted to know that resources are not wasted in running this artificial waterfall.

One of the things that have delighted those who have seen the Rain Vortex is the circular flow of water. This is definitely not an accident. To have this effect, structural features are built in the exterior of the building. To call this waterfall a great architectural achievement is indeed a huge understatement. It’s also a scientific wonder and a work of art. Watching it is like viewing a performance. There is actually a show every night that perfectly combines light, music and of course the water of the Rain Vortex. It is definitely something that you should see when you’re in Singapore. And the best part is that the show is open to the public and admission is free.

Jewel Waterfall: A Must-See Attraction in Jewel Changi

You will be amazed at what goes behind the scenes of this wonderful light and sound show. Many elements are needed to stage the mesmerising show. First of all are the pumps that serve as the muscles of the Rain Vortex. The pumps are responsible for making the waterfall work. Then there are the electrical panels that can be likened to a brain or a central command center. It controls all of the lights, sound, animation, and different media needed to make the show successful. There are also a total of 12 projectors in the area. People can’t see them because they are hidden within the Shiseido Forest Valley that houses the Rain Vortex.

The Jewel waterfall may not match anything made by nature. But it’s still a tremendous achievement. It’s a great example of what man can make with his knowledge and talents. But you have to see it to believe it. Words are not enough to describe the greatness of the HSBC Rain Vortex.

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