Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Give Facebook a New Identity as "Metaverse"

Mark Zuckerberg wants to give Facebook a new identity as "Metaverse"

Mark Zuckerberg is not looking forward to being known as someone special and looking forward to renaming its biggest company Facebook to something interesting that will represent him as a Metaverse creator.

According to The Verge reports: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wants to give his company a new name that will represent something bigger than a social media network.

This is not something you are thinking right now, as currently, for Oculus, Whatsapp and Instagram we see a parent company like Facebook, Zuckerberg is looking forward to changing that.

Mentioning that Zuckerberg thinks that Facebook should now move to something bigger and have a new identity as a "Metaverse" company, the social media king is looking forward to working on the future of connectivity such as VR, AR, and more.

The names for all the relative platforms such as Facebook app, Instagram, and Whatsapp apps with Messenger too, will be the same and as per the reports by various media outlets, the parent company will be renamed to something new.

As there's no announcement of any name-change at Facebook, TheVerge reporter Alex Heath wrote:

"Mark Zuckerberg will make the announcement himself at his company's annual "Connect" event on October 28."

So, we have to wait for the Facebook Connect event to see the new name of social media giant company FACEBOOK.