Online Video Downloader for Chrome

Online Video Downloader for Chrome
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With the introduction of on-demand and streaming video services, watching video has become very convenient than before. Apart from the massive rollout of different services, some other factors that have influenced the way people access videos are the internet’s democratization and more. That means you can watch your favorite videos anytime you want. However, sometimes you will want to enjoy those videos in offline mode. During such time, the best thing that you can do is to download them and store them on your smartphone or PC.

But the question is that is it possible to download videos while watching them on Chrome? Well, the answer is yes. And for that, you can use any reliable third-party online video downloader for Chrome.

Are video downloaders for Chrome free?

Well, most of the online video downloaders come without any price tag. However, there are some tools that let you go for premium plans and offer you some amazing features. So, it will depend on you whether you want to use the free version or the paid ones.

Paid or free video downloaders- which are better?

Those who can’t pay for the tools can use an online video downloader for Chrome. However, if you have money and want to enjoy better features and an ad-free experience, then using a paid video downloader will be a perfect option.

Exploring some benefits of using an online video downloader

    1. You can save your e-learning sources

You all know that videos are powerful learning resources. If you are a teacher, you can easily download the videos using a video youtube downloader. Then you can use them to teach your students. This will be a perfect option if there is no internet connection in the class. Such tools allow you to download videos from different sites, like Daily Motion, YouTube, and more.

    2. Seamless video watching experience

No one will like an interrupted video streaming experience. Just imagine, you are watching your favorite movie online, and at an important scene, it starts buffering! That will make you frustrated. So, to avoid such conditions, you can use an online video downloader and download that movie to watch online. In fact, you can watch the movies on different devices and on the go.

    3. You can easily share the content

Sometimes, you may want to share the videos you are watching with your friends. While some videos can be shared on Instagram or Facebook, when it comes to sharing on WhatsApp, it can be a little challenging. So, for that, you can download the video using a video downloader and then share them with your friends.

    4. Easy to use

You don’t have to install the program to download videos. Some online tools, like, can be used online on any browser. Most tools come with a simple user interface. All you need to paste the video link in the box and click on the search button.

The best online video downloader- is a powerful and easy-to-use video downloading tool that is well-known for its amazing features. However, it is also an amazing Chrome video downloader. The tool offers the users an online tested downloading method to ensure they can easily download videos in different formats. All you need to copy the video URL and paste that into the tool. Now, you are all set to begin the download. Explore the Features

This useful online video downloader comes with different amazing features that have made it popular among users. Some of the outstanding features are:

  • Easy-to-use video downloader

Forget the complex process of downloading a video and use now to download the content with a few simple clicks. As this is an online tool, you can use it on your PC or mobile phone. Just get the URL of the video, and you are all set to download the video.

  • Enjoy a high-quality video downloading experience

Don’t let those frequent buffering times affect your video streaming experience. Using this powerful tool, you can download videos of the highest quality and bitrate. The tool will detect the quality and download it. There is no need to stream the video in low quality to avoid buffering issues.

  • The tools support various sites

When using, you can easily download the videos you like from various video-sharing as well as social media platforms. There is no need to use different tools to down videos. This single tool is enough.

  • Supports different formats

Using, you can easily download videos in different quality options. For example, it supports 1080P, 2K, 4K, 720P, and more quality options. Besides, if you want to save the video in MP3 or WAV file format, you can also do that using

Steps to use this online tool to download videos

  • Get the video’s URL

To begin the download, first, you need to get the video’s URL address. After that, you need to paste the URL into the tool’s page. If you are using YouTube, then to get the link, you can click on the Share option and then copy the displayed link.

Get the video’s URL

  • Pick the desired format and quality

After that, will detect and show you the available format and quality options. To start the download process, choose the format and quality based on your preference.

Pick the desired format and quality

  • Download and save the video

After selecting quality and format, you will see a pop-up screen. Accept the request and let the tool complete the download process. Once done, you can play the downloaded video offline.

Download and save the video


Using, you can easily download different videos from different social media and video sharing platforms from Chrome. No matter whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac system, you can use this free online video downloader for Chrome. However, make sure that you are not using the downloaded videos for your personal use without the owners’ permission. Just follow the rules, use this online tool, and download videos in different formats. Enjoy your favorite offline anytime and anywhere you want. Give it a try and enjoy a superfast video download experience for free and without any problem.