What Is Salesforce Pardot? Is It a French Product?

What Is Salesforce Pardot? Is It a French Product?
Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

Salesforce Pardot is a business-to-business marketing automation program that synchronizes seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM. Pardot comes loaded with facilities that allow businesses to track the engagement of their potential clients in coordination with the business’s marketing campaigns. This is why large organizations often engage Pardot consulting organizations to help them achieve specific marketing goals with definite deadlines. With Pardot you can build completely automated marketing processes so that your marketing department can provide prospect nurturing opportunities on a large scale. 

Why Does A Business Need Pardot?

Have you ever wondered about the financial worth of the social posts that your organization is posting online? Do you want to clear your calendar which is full of reminders of the emails that you need to send in coordination with nurturing programs? Or does your business need a clear understanding of the exact marketing materials that lead to sales for your organization? As a marketing manager, do you want to prove to your team exactly how financially important it is to have pertinent marketing material for your sales team? 

All of these questions are valid questions that the marketing department of a company should be trying to answer to achieve long-term financial success. Let’s look at some of the key features of Pardot that can supercharge your marketing campaign and the results associated with it. 

Pardot Syncs Directly With Salesforce

There are a lot of products in the market that works in coordination with Salesforce. The problem with a majority of these products is that the integration with Salesforce occurs on a very basic level. The integration does not provide the detailed information in the CRM which can paint a complete picture. This is where Pardot is different from its competitors. 

Pardot is a standalone product that can be used with a Salesforce login. Pardot is a Salesforce native product. This means that you do not have to repeatedly switch between Pardot and Salesforce. Users can see the full engagement history from potential Pardot prospects based on their Contact record or Lead in Salesforce. Based on the activity, your sales team will also be able to see Opportunities in coordination with the Contacts so you can get an idea of how much revenue your marketing department can potentially generate. 

All of these direct integrations with Salesforce mean that your business can focus its marketing efforts on the areas where customers respond to the most. 

Is Pardot A French Product?

The United States has seen a lot of cultural exchanges with diverse European civilizations such as the Italians, Germans, and the French. By virtue of this cultural exchange, we automatically tend to pronounce some words with a French inflection. The question remains, is it Par-dough or Par-dot?

The correct pronunciation is Par-dot! Pardot is a completely American product and not inherently French at all. One of the best ways to confirm this version of pronunciation is to give Salesforce a call. An easier way would be to check out some Pardot videos which can be viewed at Trailhead.