What You Should Know About Face Swap in Photography

Experimenting with photo retouching techniques doesn’t have to be only strict, and there are a bunch of new opportunities to capture the world around and share the results with others. For those customers who can’t boast of having professional and, therefore, expensive equipment, the opportunities such intuitive applications like RetouchMe offer are second to none.

Along with masked-up photos and images with more raw realism, the idea to change face in photo with another face has regained its popularity again and is a famous concept to follow in the artwork. Though this technology still provokes severe discussions and debates, the one fact is for sure — its efficiency is more flexible than it seems at first. Stay tuned to check it out!

Terminological Introduction

Terminological Introduction

The technology under analysis is known under another name as well — deepfake. This sort of abbreviation stands for “fake” and “deep learning”. The internet seems to be overfilled with memes and custom-made collages with face-swapping effects. But, to be on the safe side, we recommend you read some fake id tips and be prepared for the memes and extras.

First established by one Reddit user just for fun, this technology has evolved drastically and can be applied by both amateurs and professional designers. In its essence, there are automatic encoding and decoding tools that reconstruct the face photos on the basis of predetermined algorithms. 

The more identic the rotation angle and space orientation of the two target layouts are, the more qualitative the results will be. The suite of tools contains means to alter the face of Abraham Lincon on the five-dollar bill with your own portrait just for fun and to manipulate the images to make them look original and authentic.

Reasons to Test Face-Swap Technologies

Reasons to Test Face-Swap Technologies

Whether you are a fan of simple yet functional applications like RetouchMe or something more demanding as Photoshop, the ability to get a proceeded photo with a new face and look can come in handy in the following cases:

  • Naturally, there are several personal purposes when this feature is in demand. It is a great idea to prepare a photo album with unique photos as a gift. Just consider your target recipient’s favorite characters or movies and get it done without difficulty.
  • This is a good technique to implement in some classes and studies. On the one hand, it will help students become more techno-savvy and increase their knowledge in different fields. On the other hand, this method is unexpectedly nice in developing people’s creativity, imagination, accuracy, and patience. When it comes to swapping photos, it is always about being attentive to details and finding perfect-matching images to achieve really astonishing results. 
  • It is also a wonderful way to get acquainted with sound facial features and properties and can be a prerequisite before other more advanced manipulations.
  • Why not check how you will look with different hair colors or in another cloth style? Instead of spending time visiting local stores and buy unnecessary goods, a couple of button clicks let you consider the right direction.
  • Believe it or not, trying this retouching technique stands for supporting and encouraging the target person, especially when some nerve-wracking and important events for them are around the corner.

The Final Verdict

A lot depends on your perspective. There is a certain percentage of users who don’t really like this feature, claiming this artificial media for being a threat to privacy. But it shouldn’t be taken very much to heart — this ability is designed for fun, yet it is capable to bring great results in different fields, including marketing and advertising too. This method is good to train your eyes to see the good and create harmonious photos with your own hands.