Why You Should Use a Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

Why You Should Use a Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Lights are gaining tremendous popularity among vloggers and YouTubers. The reason for this is that the ring light provides the streamers with a flattering and shadow-free lighting setup for phones and video cameras. Due to this characteristic, photos and videos are getting better by leaps and bounds.

A Clip-on Selfie Ring light is a circular LED light that has been designed to fit around the phone or camera’s lens. It is especially useful when it comes to mobile phone cameras because of its ability to help create evenly lit images while removing any unwanted shadows.

There are multiple reasons as to why you should use Clip-on Selfie Ring Lights for your recordings.

Covers Your Entire Face:

Clip-On Selfie Ring Lights usually come in a circular shape. The circular shape wasn't decided randomly but has a clear purpose behind its design. The ring illuminates your entire face equally with precision due to its round shape, instead of giving off one intense beam that lights up one part of the face while shadowing the other part.

This light is also evenly spread out, making its lights softer and more flattering than other types of ring lights.

Clear Eyes:

Pleasant eye-catch is one of the most notable benefits of Clip-On Selfie Ring Lights. This is because of the soft, gentle, and evenly spread light that does not capture any glare in the eyes while recording or taking a selfie.

The harsh red-eye effect would not cause any sort of unwanted hindrance in the image. The ring light gives off a circular reflection that perfectly matches your eyeballs.

Smoother Pictures:

We know that selfies have become a norm these days. You always want to show your best look when taking a selfie. As great as selfies look, they also come up with their drawbacks. A close-up picture of your face also enhances the eye shadows and other features that you would not want to be highlighted.

Luckily, a ring light creates soft, soothing light that produces a great close-up of your face. Your skin seems smoother and other unwanted effects are diminished as well.

Sharper Images:

The sharper the image, the better would be the results. Out of focused images are often blurry and, sometimes, due to dim lighting or quality of the camera, this blurriness can negatively affect all images that are captured in this time.

Ring lights help eliminate this problem as well. The blurriness is minimized due to good lighting effects and as a result, sharper, more focused images are produced.

Color Effects:

If you want your selfies images in different colors or want the same effects as some of the filters in social media apps, then you can achieve that easily with Clip-On Selfie Ring Light.

This can be done in multiple ways, e.g. you can generate multiple color effects by switching the regular white light with a differently colored light or you can simply use a colored gel on top of the ring light.

Video Production/Streaming:

Though Selfie Ring Lights are generally used for selfies they can also be very useful when it comes to recording videos. The ring light produces a very attractive halo shadow, as described earlier, which helps to focus on the subject of the video.

Twitch streamers are using ring lights for improving their stream. If a streamer wants to increase subscribers and viewers, then they have to improve the close-up of their face so that the audience can comprehend the expressions of the streamer and connect with them.

Good video streaming can help the viewer feel more involved with the stream, and in return compel them to engage more. Advice from other streamers can greatly benefit the person.

Makeup Tutorials:

Social media apps like Instagram are brimming with makeup artists and models. The Selfie Ring light is a must-use for content creators of this sort. Sometimes, makeup artists employ the use of ring lights for preparing models and brides for a photoshoot.

Makeup artists can effectively apply makeup to their faces while keeping their faces in focus while highlighting the color of the skin as well as the color of the makeup products.

Low Light Conditions:

The Clip-On Selfie Ring Lights come in handy in overcast conditions or when natural light is unavailable. With this equipment, you don't have to worry about the light at any time of the day.

In conclusion, Clip-On Selfie Ring Lights are being used more and more by content creators due to their multiple benefits. They allow you to take close-up snaps of objects while removing any unnecessary shadows and obstacles in the way. They can also act as filters or can effectively add color effects in different scenarios. Content Creators are finding various ways to get the best out of this device.