5 Tips for Choosing a Blockchain Development Company

5 Tips for Choosing a Blockchain Development Company
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Blockchain technology has continued to gain traction since 2008 when it first received notice through Bitcoin. By 2025, the global blockchain technology market is expected to grow by over $39 billion. There’s also increased adoption of blockchain in enterprises across different industries. 

Today, numerous blockchain development companies are coming up to cater to the growing need for blockchain solutions. If you are among the businesses looking to invest in blockchain solutions, it is important to know how to select the right blockchain solutions company.

Consider the Development Technologies Used

Since creating blockchain solutions and products is a complex process, a good blockchain development company is one that can demonstrate competence and expertise in the technology. They need to have programming experts and engineers well vast with a wide array of programming languages. Here are some of the must-have technologies to look for in a blockchain developer. 

  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Blockchains
  • Data security
  • Decentralized and distributed ledger technologies
  • Software-as-a-service (Saas) and Platform-as-a-service (Paas) offering
  • Consensus methods
  • P2P networks
  • Cyber and data security
  • Web technology and many others

Ability to Offer Custom Development Services

There are open sources available for some types of solutions, and there’s no need to recreate what’s already there. However, businesses have different needs, and Blockchain Developers must be able to deliver solutions that are explicitly made for your kind of need. That is why you need to look for companies that have listed custom development blockchain among the services they offer.

Ensure that a company can clearly demonstrate how it intends to meet your specific blockchain solution needs. 

Check the Company’s Portfolio

A company’s portfolio is among the places you can get to know exactly what a company offers and if it fits your needs. Review their technical capability, previous projects, and clients they work for. Most blockchain development companies have a page on their website dedicated to showcasing their team’s expertise. Look for projects similar to yours and contact the client in question to learn their experience.

Contact Testimonials

One of the most efficient ways to hire any service provider is through referrals. If you cannot get to referrals, ask the company to recommend a customer that they have served before. Always ask for proof that they have worked with the customer. Depending on the customer’s recommendation, decide if the company fits your blockchain solution needs. 

Check Professional Reviews

If you’ve done all and can’t seem to find a good match, some websites task themselves in reviewing professional services. Look around and see which companies top the list for competence, reliability, professionalism, knowledge, customer support, etc. You can select the top companies listed on the platforms since you are guaranteed a range of services and quality work from top-rated companies. 

Other than that, you can tell their performance from the reviews given. However, be on the lookout to only use secure and reliable platforms such as Clutch or Good firms for the company listings.


Hopefully, this article helps you make an informed pick for the development company you’ll task to handle your blockchain solutions development.