How to Prepare for Class 8 Math Olympiad

How to Prepare for Class 8 Math Olympiad
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In a dog-eat-dog world, competitions and opportunities are innumerable but snatching one for ourselves needs determination and preparation. Especially students, yes, every student nowadays is talented in one way or another. In the form of the Olympiad, a great opportunity is given to the budding philomaths. To seize something one should know what they are up against. Here, Olympiad is our goal, specifically Math Olympiad.

So, what is Math Olympiad? 

     A competitive exam was conducted at both national and international levels for students in grades 4 through 12. These especially focus on fostering an interest in Maths and induce the students to pitch in more effort to master their mathematical ability. Anything is possible if one is ready to devote themselves to it. Enumerating some preparation techniques that might come in handy for the class 8 Math Olympiad. 

1. Know your syllabus:

To prepare for the exam we need to know what we are gonna prepare for, so get familiar with your syllabus. Go through your NCERT syllabus, your current Math syllabus even be ready by going through your upper-class Math syllabus.

2. Plan it out:

The kick-off is scary but once you get the flow of things it gets easier. The amount of syllabus together can shock and scare you. So it would be wise if you take up small proportions of the syllabus and learn it to a T. 

A study plan is always encouraged. Creating a plan and following them would give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Head start is always a bonus:

Start learning and preparing the syllabus as soon as you can. As the saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm" the quicker you begin preparing; the chances of you having a better idea of the exam is more.

4. Work out like crazy:

One cannot master maths unless they work out. To win with flying colours in Olympiad, working out Math should be like breathing air. Work out problems as much as you can. Keep in mind that unless you are cent per cent you are confident about a method or formula you should work out.

5. Try various exercises:

No matter how much you work out sums, you also need to try various configurations of exercises to get a good idea. The more you try out exercises, the more familiar you get with the methods. Also try sample papers, for instance, IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 8 to help you grasp better. 

6. Time management:

A point that cannot be stressed enough. Even though you know all answers if you cannot manage time then it is pointless. Get to know the pattern and the time set for it, prepare according and remember time is valuable.

7. Olympiad books:

There are books made primarily for this. Learn them and practice working out. Referring to the books will guide you in the right direction. The endless information you can gain by searching many sources is compiled here as one. 

8. Sample papers:

This is the final stage of your preparation. To evaluate your understanding try solving sample papers and previous years' question papers. This would give you an insight into where you stand. It will help you lose the uncertainty of the paper model and give you the courage to attend the Olympiad without ambivalence.

The one mantra you need to keep in mind is - WORK OUT LIKE YOU NEED AIR! Unless you work out all methods from your syllabus and revise it again and again you're not going to ace the Olympiad. 

Now that we have covered one part of the matter let us focus on the other. Consider this, after preparing day and night for this, on your exam day if you're too tired to concentrate? or in nervousness, your mind has become blank? or something else that is equally avoidable if you follow some techniques.

1. Relax and chill:

The day before the exam, try to relax your weary mind. It has been given enough works all these days so just go through all that you've prepared. 

2. Stop obsessing over the Olympiad:

You've done all you could so there is no point in obsessing over the exam now. Have fun and try to remember that a calm mind can withhold any storm.

3. Do not learn new topics:

The day before the Olympiad is not the day to take on new topics, just go through the old ones. Revise your formulas and remind yourself of all you've studied to boost up your confidence.

4. Not the time for all-nighters:

Sleep is as essential as the preparation itself. Do not skip your sleep before the exam day. Sleep, relax and remind the positive side of your preparations so far. 


The questions the Olympiad focuses on are Higher Order Thinking Questions. Expecting the worst while preparing. This can ready you to face all time of questions.

Keep an eye out always for good material, even an article or blog post could be useful. Devour anything that has to do with class 8 Math Olympiad. 

There are many online practices, tests, worksheets, quizzes, teacher assignments to sharpen your Olympiad abilities. Try them out incessantly and be up to date on any news regarding the Olympiad.

Motivation - a very important factor. Motivate yourself by looking into people who have aced the Olympiad. Keep colourful posters around you that remind you of the Olympiad. Attend group sessions to motivate others and to be motivated.

Don't be scared by thinking it is too much for you. Be persistent and if you love Maths you are already a quarter way there. If you work out all the methods of sums from your syllabus then you're halfway there. Keep your mind under control and keep calm. Anybody can win if only they are persistent and determined enough.

Once you feel confident that you are ready to face the Olympiad head-on then that is it. You're ready! Follow these simple techniques to reach that. Keep one thing in mind, the more familiar you're with what you have been learning, there are more chances for you to rock. Practice till victory is in your hands.