15 Tools to Power Your Marketing Campaign

15 Tools to Power Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing can be a huge stressor even for those who are good at it. It's because consumer trends are so unpredictable, that even simple marketing strategies could win big someday.  

As technology keeps evolving, so do the different marketing techniques out there. This age has seen the rise of various applications that shape today’s marketing campaigns. The goal of marketing campaigns is to bring more positive brand awareness which can be achieved with the help of various social media apps. 

Nowadays, you don’t need to waste tons of money to earn views, likes, or followers. You only need to be creative in many aspects of promotion, such as captions, email marketing, content postings, and many more. But how could you possibly do that? Well, you can maximize the use of different marketing campaign tools to boost your efforts. 

But, before using or incorporating such tools, you also need to have a robust marketing analytics dashboard in place that helps in forecasting sales & revenue, getting real-time customer information and enhancing team effort for a healthy analytics process, apart from measuring the KPIs against the marketing goals that were set. So, a company like “Marketing Reports” can help you set up one such virtual marketing dashboard, for measuring the results and driving sales, based on the metrics.

Campaign tools are used to make your everyday marketing campaigns easier. These tools are essential to execute the plans properly. Here are helpful tools divided into four categories to help you create a seamless campaign:

Mailing Applications

Emails are an essential part of marketing campaigns. If someone subscribes to you, they are either loyal and supportive clients or someone interested in your products and services.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing tool. This app is an effective campaign management tool used by many companies across the world. HubSpot offers a wide range of services depending on your needs. This app also allows you to be creative as you can design custom email templates with a drag-and-drop feature. These are other ways HubSpot can help you with your campaigns:

  • Blog management
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO
  • Landing pages
  • Lead management
  • Website management

With this powerful tool, no cards will be left unturned. This is why it is the best tool for those who are starting and fulfilling their business.

2. Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail

This app is not an actual email but functions like one. Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail works by sending you a prerecorded message, but do not ring as typical annoying marketing calls do.  

These are the benefits of using a ringless voicemail: 

  • The message can arrive more easier 
  • The message arrives at the right time 
  • It allows you to cover different marketing platforms 
  • It has a higher success rate compared to other tools 

Furthermore, this app is perfect for those who don't have time to check their emails to view marketing promotions and subscriptions. With just a click, they can listen instantly while doing other things, making it more convenient for many busy users.

3. MailChimp

This marketing tool is similar to HubSpot as it also allows you to personalize your emails and optimize your device. It has a wide range of designs and templates, helping you create the email content you want. Here are other benefits of using MailChimp: 

  • It has self-service support to answer all of your questions. 
  • It is perfect for small companies and offers a free plan with less than 12,000 emails sent per month. 

It makes it suitable for those starting businesses who need to earn more and upgrade their companies before using payment plans for increasing demand.  

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another powerful email campaigning tool, which allows users to create personalized email content for their current clients and future subscribers. It is perfect for newbies in sending emails with its super easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions. With this, you can create and schedule emails, monitor detailed analytics, set up welcome emails, segment emails, and send a triggered chain of emails.  

If you think this is not for you, you may still use the other options mentioned above. It all depends on your company’s needs and demands.

5. Snovio

Snovio is a multi-purpose email automation platform that allows you to take full control over lead management, generation, and conversion processes, assisting you to connect with highly interested prospects with personalized emails and messages properly.

  • These are the things you can do with Snovio:
  • You can easily fund bulk and single email addresses.
  • You can easily verify complex email sequences
  • You can send personalized trigger emails
  • It allows you to automate follow-ups
  • It enables you to streamline and scale your business
  • You can easily track consumer engagement

The robust choice of tools, will also reduce the cost per lead and fill your sales revenue much faster. 

6. Drip

This campaign marketing tool is effective and perfect for those in eCommerce or DTC business. It allows you to track how consumers engage with your brands through direct integration with popular stores and brands. This tool also has improved marketing automation and split tests your workflow for brands of various types.

Furthermore, Drip also has a free trial, helping starting businesses gear up before upgrading to payment plans. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

CRM tools are used to maintain a healthy and positive customer relationship throughout the campaign period. They can also help your company generate a smooth sales cycle, which is the common end goal for most businesses. 

7. Call Cowboy Auto Dialer

This tool allows you to automatically dial telephone and mobile numbers from your contact list to send prerecorded voice messages or connect your prospects to a live agent. Call Cowboy Auto Dialer eliminates the tedious tasks of manually dialing and calling different phone numbers to focus more on creating and delivering good content through messages.

The main benefits of using this tool include: 

  • Making hundreds of cold calls
  • Efficient outbound marketing
  • Boosting stream of revenues
  • Providing records of calls and connections
  • Flourishing customer relationship

Auto dialers are also used in many industries such as healthcare, eCommerce, the education sector, and the sales industry.

8. Salesforce

This tool provides a powerful array of functions, such as client management, marketing analytics, and marketing automation. It helps thousands of companies by outsourcing expensive and time-consuming in-house tools with easy and quick cloud access. You can also customize and use the system for many projects, such as tracking and maintaining leads and clients’ journeys and progress throughout the campaign period. You can further enhance it with marketing cloud Salesforce and relative other options as well.

These are other benefits of using Salesforce cloud management:

  • Customization of the sales process
  • Boosts in opportunities
  • Increase in productivity
  • Accurate monitoring and analytics
  • Shortens the sales cycle
  • Streamlines your business processes

Furthermore, with the use of Salesforce, you can efficiently address various difficulties during your campaign run by allowing you to troubleshoot and resolve matters of concern.

9. Zoho CRM

This CRM tool is one of the most well-known solutions for small to medium enterprises. Its goal is to streamline businesses of all sizes to manage a positive customer relationship cycle from start to finish. It also empowers your campaign management through an effective lead capturing, lead segmentation, lead nurturing, and lead distribution

Zoho also helps you generate a vast number of leads from different sources and collect them using a specific and unique feature called SalesSignals. This program lets you monitor activities, such as chats, emails, and social networks, and get notifications from prospect leads through social media mentions. 

Furthermore, Zoho can be easily connected to other apps such as emailing and analytics tools.

10. Apptivo

Apptivo is an affordable and customizable CRM platform. This tool is perfect for those seeking a flexible solution integrated with excellent mobile support functions. It may not be as renowned as its fellow competitors, such as Salesforce and Zoho. Still, it proves that its robust system is not to be ignored and is perfect for those starting their own businesses for a reasonable price.

Other benefits of using Apptivo includes:

  • Includes a set which has different customizable functions
  • Includes granular security controls
  • Includes 24-hour support to address customer queries

Moreover, Apptivo has a function similar to emailing tools which allows you to customize and personalize email templates for specific campaigns. 

11. Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying is a CRM tool that focuses on startups, small, and medium enterprises. It has an intuitive interface and excellent customer support. According to experts, this may be the most reasonably priced tool they have ever encountered. 

With its low-cost platform, you’ll be surprised by how powerful this solution is with its high-performing lead management system. Also, it’s effortless to use, and has customizable workflows, and a modern web solution, making this tool worth a try.

However, it’s not as powerful as its top competitors, such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Apptivo, which have more functions and features to keep your business on track. But still, Less Annoying is robust enough to try. 

Business Analytics Tools

These tools will allow you to retrieve data from your business system to be carefully reviewed and analyzed. They are extremely necessary if you want to keep a close eye on your business, and they also allow you to measure your success from the data you gathered. Here are the top analytics tools you can use for your business:

12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics or GA may be the most well-known analytics tool right now. Its primary function is to provide in-depth insight into your business and website’s performance. With this tool, you can easily track all different sources of online traffic, which is highly important in businesses operated online. 

Other benefits of GA include:

  • It allows you to track your business offline.
  • It improves online advertising with its built-in marketing analytics.
  • It improves your search engine optimization.
  • It helps you to find your target leads.
  • It improves your websites.
  • It boosts your eCommerce platform.
  • It tracks your leads being converted.

Another thing about GA is the power to understand users and visitors as they use your websites and services. It helps you gather behavioral data, which is crucial to determine and improving the outcome of your business. Behavioral data gives valuable information on what services and content get the most engagement. 

13. Domo Analytics

Domo is one of the robust and self-service solutions which provide valuable business insights. With this, you can track your business performance in real-time and view them using its customizable interface. Also, its clean and neat dashboards simplify its advanced functions, perfect for those who are newbies and starting up their businesses.

Here are other benefits of using Domo Analytics:

  • It allows you to visualize your data.
  • It offers flexible data connections.
  • It supports data sharing and collaboration.
  • It provides an effective communication platform.

Furthermore, Domo allows you to connect from over a thousand various data sources through different applications which can be custom added. Also, it is available on your mobile so that you can use it anytime and anywhere. 

Social Media Marketing Tools

Nowadays, social media applications prove that they are the most important tools to be used when it comes to online marketing and brand awareness. They are the perfect platform for promoting brand visibility and awareness as more people use them in their daily lives. Once you reach your brand’s success in social media, using a tool will help you make the entire process a lot easier. 

14. Hootsuite

HootSuite is a free social media management tool that allows users to manage multiple accounts from one dashboard. Users can create profiles for each account they have and then add more members as well. They can also schedule social media posts to go out at certain times and it provides many other features in one platform.

This tool will help you organize and schedule your future content on different social media platforms. It may be the most well-known social media marketing tool as it is one of the first tools to allow easy scheduling of content, making them easier to manage and saving you a lot of time.

On the other hand, Hootsuite also provides an analytical report to help you analyze the strengths and failures of your business, which allows you to improve in the future. 

15. Buffer

Like Hootsuite, Buffer also allows you to schedule and organize your social media content across different social media platforms. With their functions, you can plan, collaborate, and publish your content easily and without a fuss.

Also, Buffer allows you to analyze the performance of every post and content you publish, making it one of the top-rated social media management tools today.

Final Words

Today, the internet may be the most powerful tool to make your business known to everyone across the world. These tools may help you improve your sales and presence online by taking advantage of their functions and using it properly. 

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The truth is, you don’t have to pour all your budget into using the most expensive plans and tools. You can still use the cheap and powerful ones and be creative in your campaigns.