5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Cloud-based Payroll Solution

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Cloud-based Payroll Solution
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If you’re still stuck with an old-fashioned, paper-based payroll process, it’s time to upgrade to a cloud-based payroll solution. Although it seems like an expensive, time-consuming hassle at first, switching to the cloud could make your life much easier in the long run. Cloud-based payroll systems are more efficient and simple than ever, even offering the option of automatic payroll deposits via ACH or direct deposit to employee accounts—taking all the hassle out of payroll! Here are five signs your business needs cloud-based payroll software.

1) Ease

From day one, payroll is easy to use and quick to set up. Most companies can start using cloud payroll within just minutes. So you can get paid faster, pay less in fees and spend less time worrying about processing payroll. Security: We don’t use Social Security numbers or bank account information for any part of our system. Our software is entirely web-based so it doesn’t require any special downloads or software installations. This means that even if someone steals your computer they won’t be able to access employee information or company data; everything is locked away securely online on encrypted servers where only you have access to it. Savings: Because we are an online solution, there are no local setup fees or additional charges for using us.

2) Cost Savings

Cloud technology is more cost-effective than traditional payroll methods. Since cloud-based applications are web-based, you can access them from anywhere and at any time for just pennies per day. In addition, no expensive hardware is required to use these programs. This means you save on upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance costs. Along with being less expensive, cloud solutions often provide specialized support options such as telephone assistance or live chat options that make it easier to access help when needed. Many also offer intuitive features that require no experience to use effectively, which saves you valuable time while improving payroll efficiency.

3) Accuracy

A cloud-based payroll solution means that all payroll calculations happen in real-time, eliminating mistakes and employee disputes over paychecks. The number you see on payday is always 100% accurate. You don’t have to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes: you know exactly what's happening. And, because cloud computing saves time and increases accuracy, it can also save your business money. Automation: A cloud-based payroll solution makes everyday business tasks—like setting up new employees or making edits—easy. If a new hire doesn't fill out the paperwork correctly or forgets to update his address, they'll get an automated email prompting them to fix things before they move forward with setup. Everyone knows exactly what's expected of them and when so there are no surprises.

4) Time Saver

Cloud-based payroll software allows you to access pay information and management tools on any device. This means that you’ll never need to waste time accessing payroll data from a desktop computer again. In many cases, information will be available from anywhere at any time. Not only does cloud technology help save time but it also eliminates errors in your payroll data and makes communication with employees simple and fast. The cloud is clearly one of today’s best timesaving solutions for business owners looking to streamline their processes and save time both now and in the future.

5) System Integration

With more and more business operations moving to cloud services, some companies may find their payroll processes need updating. Are you still issuing checks? Do you collect and store employees’ W2s and other tax forms? How do you handle bonuses, commissions, or performance reviews? Can your internal staff keep up with all these issues efficiently? If not, consider transitioning to a cloud-based payroll solution to save time and money. 

Our small business payroll software makes it easier than ever to manage employee hours, pay stubs, and tax filings. Employees can log in from any location and work on projects or perform tasks. That helps them remain productive when they’re away from their desks without having to worry about whether or not they have enough time to clock out for lunch (and risk getting an angry call from their boss). Easy payroll management is an absolute must for businesses that demand maximum efficiency and productivity from their employees.