Are You Having a Hard Time Getting Ahead of Payment Deadlines

Are You Having a Hard Time Getting Ahead of Payment Deadlines

Earn good money without all that stress via Answerly!

Saving money is important. It provides financial security and independence and secures you in a financial emergency. By saving money, you can evade debt, which eases stress. However, despite knowing the significance of savings, we often lose sight of it and spend more of our money in the present. Are you having a hard time getting ahead of payment deadlines? Are you a student and want to start a side hustle to make both ends meet? Saving money helps navigate challenging financial situations.

It might seem like an easy task, yet saving money can be maddeningly hard. Living the best possible life while not worrying about falling short of cash is all one can ever desire. It's not as hard as you might think! Because today we are here with the finest solution to your number one problem! 

Let us present an app that's one of its kind. Answerly app is a Q/A platform that allows users to earn crypto rewards for adding high-quality answers to different questions.

Where fun meets knowledge and the instant reward is a promise, we are talking about real money that can be yours by juggling with wise words. Sounds surreal, right! We will walk you through the whole process of saving some extra dollars for your pocket money this winter! 

Step one: 

Sign in as a user by adding your email and setting up your password.

Step Two: 

Choose your desired category.

  • Finance
  • Sports 
  • Business
  • Technology 
  • Food 
  • Science 
  • Gaming 
  • Internet

Once you're done choosing your category, you'd be suggested with plenty of fun questions app users ask. You can dive in and answer to bag yourself ANSR tokens or post an intelligent, intriguing, or fun question for users to answer grab some more tokens. It's this simple. Be a part of a dynamic educational community where knowledge from all backgrounds unite while providing you with the dollars you need to save.

Are You Having a Hard Time Getting Ahead of Payment Deadlines

Step three: 

At the top right, you can easily visualize the amount of ANSR tokens you have earned.

Step four: 

Easily get your reward withdrawals.

It works on cryptocurrency; get your rewards in fiat whenever you need it; you don't have to wait months and days to get your earned reward. The token is already available in coin market capital and Coin Gecko. Token name is Answerly (ANSR). Answerly is listed on many major exchange markets like Hobit, Probit Global, dex trade, eTorex, and Bkex. So, you can buy the token from any preferred exchange. ANSR tokens can be used to get instant transactions and buy pro membership and advertise on Answerly.

Users receive fixed rewards for posting questions, but for answers, rewards vary according to the user's level on the platform.

The format of your savings would be Crypto-currency:

Cryptocurrency, sometimes known as crypto-currency or crypto, is any format of currency that has a digital or virtual existence and utilizes cryptography to ensure safe transactions. Central issuing or regulating authority is not applied in Cryptocurrencies; new units are issued instead of a decentralized system to record transactions.

Why is this useful for you?

  • For example, the low cost of the transaction is the fee for sharing money from a digital wallet to a bank account.
  • You can make transactions at any time during the day without a limit.

Answerly is such a fascinating idea that it will need several discussions before one fully grasps the concept! Unfortunately, though, we have run out of the time and space for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are super optimistic that you must have learned something, if not everything, new about this massive revolution in the world of Q & A platforms!