DigiKhata is Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with Innovative Solutions

DigiKhata is Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with Innovative Solutions
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Millions of women in Pakistan have started their own business or managing an existing business of their late father/husband in the new millennium. Today, many female entrepreneurs are using Digikhata, free and easy bookkeeping, and accounting app.

As this century is the century of women empowerment, Digikhata is proud to help Pakistani women with its digital cash register with a built-in calculator that’s always with them on their phones.

Users only have to log a customer/ supplier’s contact no., name, and other details in separate registers for customers and suppliers. They can even maintain their transaction online with an in-app payment feature.

Women entrepreneurs are happy as this app lets them save time, money, and energy and has gotten rid of error-prone physical bookkeeping methods.

Pakistani Women find the Digikhata’s online bookkeeping app more useful and easier for them than sophisticated accounting software apps like QuickBooks and FreshBooks as it has useful features of these sophisticated apps like automatic cloud backup, but it's easier for Pakistanis.

Data security is at the heart of Digikhata as users can set up a fingerprint lock or create a four-digit password. If a user’s phone is stolen or broken, they can easily retrieve their data with cloud backup.

The traditional khata book method of managing accounts and transactions is very tiresome and exhausting for even men. While our women also have to cook, clean, and take care of kids, managing paper records of transactions is an intimidating task for them.

Many of our registered business owners are female entrepreneurs. As we launched Digikhata, its user-friendly interface and highly useful features attracted many women business owners immediately.

With the launch of Digikhata in 2020, many female Pakistani entrepreneurs have switched to the digital accounting method with the easy-to-useDigikhata app.

As our women can't go outside often to maintain len den (credit and debit), they were suffering from business credit losses, bad debts, and less security of data more than men.

With Digikhata, women entrepreneurs are collecting their dues three times faster than with physical bookkeeping. The app lets users send free payment reminders through messaging or WhatsApp.

In this way, women don’t have to remember who has to clear their dues and then constantly remind them. they are feeling confident and relaxed as they can use this saved time to grow their business.

Female users can log all transaction details whenever they want as we carry our phones everywhere but we don’t carry our khata diaries everywhere. This is making them more productive.

Another amazing feature of our app is that it gives four options to users in terms of preferred language script. Many women don’t feel comfortable recording their transaction details in English.

They are now writing down the accounting details in roman Urdu, Urdu, and Sindhi. These useful features are encouraging other women of Pakistan to try to change their financial circumstances and even become independent with their businesses.

These ladies have turned into female heroes as they now manage their accounts smoothly, generate ledger easily and recover their money on time with DigiKhata.