What Are Micro Switches Used For?

What Are Micro Switches Used For?

Micro switches are small, sensitive switches that are used in several different ways and across a wide range of appliances and niches, making them excellent tools for almost any electrical device that requires safe and easy activation/deactivation. They are designed to be extremely simple to press and go, helping to make appliances, tools, and much safer to use; even in everyday settings.

Thanks to the fact that these are incredibly common, inexpensive to buy, and are long-lasting, it’s typically straightforward to find the right one for your needs and make a purchase. But what exactly can you expect from them, and how are they best used?

What is a micro switch?

In their simplest form, these are made to make it easy to switch a current circuit on or off. As a result of their sensitivity to subtle movements, micro switches are especially common in-home appliances for general safety and accessibility. 

Even so, they can often be used in many other areas too. Building, automation, and security are just a few more common applications for micro switches. For instance, they can be used for emergency stop controls, fire alarms, and similar devices.

While the best quality ones may come for a higher price than standard ones, you can often rely on any decent micro switch to last you a good while, with many having up to ten million cycles. Either way, you should have to worry too much about prices when buying these types of components. 

Are they the same as limit switches?

Despite their differences, many people are unsure of whether to not they need a limit switch or micro switch. 

While similar in many ways, there is a significant difference between these components. A micro switch operates with two limit switches. These share a terminal, with one being open and the other closed. The switch configuration of a micro switch is SPDT, or single pole double throw.

In most cases, limit switches are used to control machinery and are often considered to be one of the best types of contact sensors for detecting objects. Micro switches on the other hand tend to see usage in many other areas, which is why you’re more likely to need one of these than a limit switch.

Where to find the best micro switches

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