What Is Christmas Called Now?

What Is Christmas Called Now?
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Christmas has been celebrated since the first Christmas celebration in Rome on December 25, AD 336. Everybody calls it with his favorite name. Youngsters love to say it as Xmas and we can see it as a Happy Christmas notice in professional documents or greetings from international companies to their employees. We also hear other names of Christmas such as Nativity and more being used by many people to send wishes and gifts to their loved ones.

With celebrations like social gatherings, lighting, Christmas tree decoration, gift-giving, feasting, and even some people try fasting on the occasion of Christmas, most people use Happy Christmas as a simple and realistic way of greeting people with prays and happiness. However, here we have a list of also-called Christmas names:

What Is Christmas Called Now?

Here's how we say Happy Xmas or I mean Christmas:

  1. Noël
  2. Nativity
  3. Xmas

If you don't know already, the full form of Christmas is "Christ's mass" and thus, many people use many other words to describe their feelings about the event of winters. They call it MidWinter as Anglo-Saxons referred to it and Nativity which means "birth" in English and "Noel" to that means Nowel or "Birthday" refers to the Birthday of Jesus Christ.

Some Christmas Names to Enjoy the Day

Here we are sharing with you a list of some names that you can pick for a male and a female or your own self and enjoy the celebrations of Christmas day with that fake name or a temporary name:

  • Moon - Moonlight
  • Yul - Yule
  • Noon - Noony
  • Elf King - Elf Queen
  • Beth - Bethy
  • Dec - Decy
  • Err - Eira
  • Adam - Eve
  • World - Universe
  • Joy - Ivy
  • Mirth - Merry
  • Noelle - Noella
  • Star - Estelle
  • Winter - Snow
  • Angel - Angela

From the list, you can choose a name and enjoy your Christmas days and nights.

If you need more information about Christmas and other events, stay with us.