Why is Battlefield 2042 Getting So Much Hate?

Why is Battlefield 2042 Getting So Much Hate?
Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Battlefield 2042 has been getting a lot of hype and has been constantly hitting the news but for what? For nothing but negative reviews. User reviews have been the worst part about the whole game, lots of bugs and glitches have been going viral and gamers just won’t go easy on the game and why would they? 

No one would want to pay for a pack of glitches and bugs. A lot has been going on with the game and here is why we think it has been getting so much hate by the users.

Unpolished Gameplay

Battlefield 2042 looks quite amazing in videos and in theory but if we talk about the actual gameplay it still looks quite unfinished and feels uncooked. The game in technical terms is quite laggy and glitch and the standards that have been previously by Battlefield games aren’t met even by a 10 percent. 

The game has been missing a lot and people can’t help but notice all the missing details, there really isn’t any depth to the gameplay. The operator system of the game where you get to choose a certain character with a specified skillset isn’t as polished as it should have been. Another major problem is that the smaller details were absolutely off the track as the sound of gunshots and there aren’t really many guns in the game either.

This has made players look for other titles and one of the promising ones is, of course, the new Call of Duty, that you can get from Gamecamp, entry to the long running world war game series, which also comes with a great single player campaign as well.

Bugs and Glitches

It feels like the developers didn’t quite understand what they were supposed to do with this game because there is actually so much that this battlefield game misses on. Like fewer game modes, no HUD customization, servers seem upsetting, no leaderboards, and so much more. The game’s early access itself was a big mess where people paid extra bucks just to get stuck in the game once you die without being able to respawn again and many other similar bugs were experienced by tons of users around the world. 

No Campaign Mode

Another reason for all the immense hate is that they went all multiplayer and completely ditched the campaign which wasn’t really the bestest of moves as Dice completely messed up the game regardless.

All the marketing and hype before the game hit the stores made us expect so more than what we actually got is what the game is getting the stick for. The developers should have had just spent more time working on the game than just making it sound so ideal that they actually forgot about making it feel equally great while playing it. 

So many of the players actually bought this game in sheer excitement because Dice had actually promised so much but after the users got to play the game, it was nothing but a massive glitch-house waiting for them and that is definitely more than just frustrating. The game is definitely in a very rough state and needs so much altering and polishing and we hope we get to see a patched version that actually delivers us all the things that we were promised.