Facts About Snooker Balls You Must Know to Keep the Game in Your Favor

Facts About Snooker Balls You Must Know to Keep the Game in Your Favor
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Do you know that snooker's longest game ever played was in China? It was 93 minutes and 12 seconds long in 2008. The game of snooker is a worldwide famous game and the number of players is rising day by day. It is similar to pool and billiards but there are few differences in the gameplay and rules. And the main difference between all these games is about balls. So, before playing a snooker game, you must be aware of snooker balls.

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A Brief about the Snooker Balls

There are a total of twenty-two balls in this gameplay. Those are - the cue ball, the red ball, and the colored balls. Snooker balls are not numbered and shaded as the pool balls. There is a slight difference according to the game strategy. 

  1. The cue ball: The cue ball in snooker has the same significance as in 8-Ball, 9-ball, or billiards games. That means the color and the purpose of the cube ball are the same. There is no number on the ball, but it may have black or red-colored dots.
  2. The red ball: The number of red balls in this game is 15. Each ball is assigned one point, and all the balls are unnumbered.
  3. The colored balls: If we talk about colored balls in snooker, there are 6-colored balls in this game. Again, these balls are also unnumbered but each carries different scores or say points. Yellow has two points, green has three points, brown has four Points, blue has five points, pink has six points, and the last black color ball has 7 points.

One more thing to remember is that- term green 3-billiard ball indicates that the Snooker ball is green in color, having three points but no number.

The Strategy to Win the Game 

The objective of the game should be very clear to have the game in your favor. Therefore, the objective is to strike the white cube ball with a cue in order to strike other object balls in turn with it. With this, balls should fall into any of the six pockets on the board. Points will be earned for the potting balls and who scores more in one frame. One will be the winner of the match who wins maximum frames. 

Since the snooker game is played in frames, thus, the winning depends on the winning of frames. You need to win a frame and for that, you should have more scores than the opponent. The red and the other colored balls play a major role here. You can score more with the use of a cue ball. A cue ball is used to pot the red and any colored ball. With this, you will win the match if scored more than the predetermined number of frames. To avoid a tie or a draw the number of frames is always odd.

Fouls of Snooker balls to avoid: 

The signs of a pro player are that he will avoid scoring fouls and keep himself ticking ahead of the competitors. If the striker makes a foul, that may gain points for the opponent. So, to have the game in your favor, you must be aware of a few fouls of snooker balls. 

  • With the cue ball, avoid hitting a ball"not-on". 
  • It will be a foul if you fail to hit any other ball with the cue ball. 
  • If you pot the cue ball, then also it will be a foul.
  • In the same shot, don't hit the cue ball more than once. 
  • It's a foul if the ball lands off the table.

147 Break is believed to be the maximum break. It is when the player pots a black ball after every red ball and then pots all the color balls consecutively. A player can get the highest break with this only. 

Foul Balls

In snooker, if the player pots the incorrect ball in the wrong sequence, then the shot is considered a jump shot, which is illegal and considered a foul. Due to this, it will gain a turn to the opponent with zero scores of the player. Now the fall red balls lie on the table but the fall color balls need to be re-spotted on the table. All the color balls will be placed in the same position as they were in the beginning.

There is a lot more to know about snooker balls, but the above points will help you to have the game in your favor.


Snooker is a worldwide popular game. The rules make the game more interesting and tricky. With the proper knowledge of balls, facts, and fouls, the player can have the game in favor. To win the game, knowledge of rules and strategies is a must but practice is the key. Players now can practice online also. There are a number of gaming apps like Getmega that offer snooker and other similar games. Whether you play online or offline, it is advisable to just check out the rules, tips, tricks, and strategies to win the game.