Here's How Brooke Monk (TikTok Star) Gained 18+ Million Followers in 2 Years

Here's How Brooke Monk (TikTok Star) Gained 18+ Million Followers in 2 Years

A "Pretty Pearl" Brooke Monk is a beautiful influencer currently enjoying more than 20 million followers on TikTok 18m and Instagram 2m with over a billion likes on TikTok alone.

Monk started her TikTok journey by posting her first short video on the platform in September 2019 that gained traction after she keep on posting new videos till today.

By the age factor: Brooke Monk is just 18-year-old and born in the United States and living in the same country.

Talking to a private media channel, she shared that her aim was not to be an influencer but to share her content just for enjoying her free time with the world.

She goes like this:

“I love having an audience, I love reading people’s comments, I love interacting with people,” Monk shared.

Monk also expressed her feelings about why influencers fail by saying:

“I feel like the majority of audiences start to feel disconnected from their influencers when they get too big and then they don’t really care about their audience anymore,” Monk stressed.

She also highlighted the fact that brands should work with influencers to advertise their products in a way that doesn't look like an advertisement. She believes in an easy working method that doesn't ask influencers to change how they make videos, she wants every brand to work with the influencer and ask her/him to make a similar video rather than just holding a product and posting a picture or a video that doesn't look interesting.

However, Monk also listens to her clients when promoting their products and always tries to do things in a better way (if the client agrees).

Since Brooke Monk become an influencer from TikTok to now gaining more followers on Instagram, she shared that it was never her intention to become an influencer and charge brands, however, it happens as her content is entertaining for millions of people who follow her.

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