Kevin O'Leary shared one Top Skill for young workers

Kevin O'Leary shared one Top Skill for young workers
Kevin O'Leary photo by Entrepreneur

67 years old Canadian businessman and O'Shares ETFs chairman Kevin O'Leary just shared one top skill for all the young workers around the globe. According to Kevin, this one skill can help every young employee to succeed in the next ups/downs of career growth. Here's what he said:

"If you're just starting off in your career, the No. 1 attribute you should think about is learning how to listen,"

Yes, he shared that we should learn how to listen to others and master this step for achieving more on our jobs.

"Listen to the people around you. Listen to your boss. Listen to your peers. Shut up and listen." He further added.

Showing an aggressive approach, the famous investor of many companies tells CNBC Make It that young workers should focus on learning to listen and then emphasizes the need of shutting up and listening to boss and peers.

He with his experience thinks that listening can help young employees do better in their future endeavors and achieve success. He further said:

"Understanding what you're doing, why you're doing it and what the rules are gives you tremendous power."

He also shared that he learned this mantra from a CEO at one of his companies and she goes like "Trick To Success is Listening more than Talking".

He shared that with this approach the CEO was able to make more quality decisions and make an impact of success fo