Maximising Your Investments: Several Ways You Can Improve Your Crypto Investment

Maximising Your Investments: Several Ways You Can Improve Your Crypto Investment

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency has gotten more popular nowadays, and considering the numerous benefits that come with it, more people have also started investing in it. If you haven’t started an investment, now might be the best time to do so. But if you have already started a crypto investment and you’re looking for other ways to improve it, we will show you different ways you can potentially increase your profit. 

Diversify Your Investment

One of the most effective ways of minimising the risks of crypto is by diversifying your investment. Some experienced traders already learned their lessons the hard way. Since one of the major risks of crypto is it’s highly volatile, the value of the crypto you have invested in will likely go down. In other words, what makes volatility risky is because there’s no way of telling how the value will turn out. The value may be favourable at this moment, but there’s a high chance that it will dive tonight. 

That’s why it’s best that you diversify your investment and make sure it is tax efficient crypto you are investing in. This way, if the crypto project you have invested in takes a heavy hit, the chances of you suffering from a loss can be minimised as well. Diversifying your investment can not only minimise your loss but also increase the chances of you earning more. Look at it this way. If you have investments in other top-performing cryptos in the market, they are most likely to produce good results as well. Assuming that all of your crypto projects are performing well, it’s possible to double the profit you gain from your investments. 

Crypto Trading

Adding another way of earning yourself some crypto is also a good way of improving your crypto investment. You can start thanks to reputable platforms like Immediate Edge. If you think that only money is involved in an investment, you might be missing the whole point of investment. But, if you are aware of all the things that investment requires, you are headed in the right direction, and if you include day trading in your portfolio, there’s a high chance that you might earn more than what you are expecting. 

Different factors can affect the way your crypto trading flows. Although some factors are also present in a regular investment, like stocks or other assets, crypto trading also has risks that you should watch out for. One of the things that crypto trading takes advantage of includes one of the risks of crypto, which is its volatility. 

Crypto traders see volatility as a chance to buy coins at a low price and sell them at the best time possible. It’s a good way of earning an extra income, but it’s also risky since it’s difficult to tell when the prices will fall and go back up again. In addition, you should constantly observe the crypto market to determine the best time to sell the cryptos you bought. 

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is also a good way of earning extra cryptos. Most crypto users, investors, and traders categorise crypto mining as passive income. Meaning to say, you can leave it on and do other things, and you will still earn yourself some cryptos. You can also leave it on and focus on other things and give more time to take care of your crypto trading. If you manage your time correctly and come up with a solid strategy for trading, mining, and investing, you can significantly gain more profit. 

Crypto mining may sound like a great deal, but there are still downsides that you have to be careful with. One of the things that you should consider before you start crypto mining is if you have enough capital. To effectively mine crypto, you need to spend quite a lot of money to get high-powered computers. 

The reason for the need for high-powered computers is because you will need the processing power to solve complex math equations. After solving equations and verifying the blocks present in the blockchain network, you will earn crypto as a reward. So, if you want to solve more equations and earn more crypto, you would need to spend more, thus needing a high capital. 

DeFi Staking

DeFi staking is a bit more technical if you want to be serious with your crypto investments. If you are planning to have a long-term crypto investment, DeFi staking is an excellent way of earning more crypto. For starters, DeFi staking is a practice of locking a certain amount of crypto assets into a platform which is also known as a decentralised application. When you lock or stake your crypto, it allows you to become a validator in a blockchain, which also gives you a chance to earn crypto as a reward for fulfilling your duties. 

What’s great about DeFi or also known as decentralised finance, is that it’s similar to traditional financial services where you can get loans or insurances, but there are still key differences that make cryptocurrency better than the other. One of the major differences is that services such as decentralised finance applications are not controlled or maintained by a single company or a single group, meaning to say, they are controlled by a community of crypto users through an advanced program known as smart contracts. 

Take note, before you start staking your cryptocurrencies or DeFi Crypto in other words. You must know what you’re getting into. DeFi still has risks that shouldn’t be ignored. One of the risks that you should look at is that DeFi platforms have no regulations, which means the possibility of scams and frauds are still present. You and your crypto can be compromised since there is a lack of protection. 

Also, not all of the cryptocurrencies you find in the crypto market can be staked. If you invested in crypto, but it turns out it can’t be staked, you might as well invest in other cryptos or not stake them at all. However, if you still want to stake your cryptos, there is a full list of supported cryptos you can find on the internet.


One thing that you should always keep in mind is that, like other investments, investing in cryptocurrencies also has no guarantee that you will make a lot of money at the start. You have to give the time to work on your investment as well as create a good strategy to gain the best out of your crypto investments. There are still other ways you can improve your investment as they are not limited to the ones mentioned above.