7 Inspirational Superhero Movies That Should Be On Your Watchlist Now

7 Inspirational Superhero Movies That Should Be On Your Watchlist Now

Superhero movies are inspiring. They make us believe that anything is possible if we have the right intentions. 

No matter how much fun your peers made of you at school or how your enemies conspired against you to dethrone you, there's a superhero movie for all kinds of emotions.

If you are not a fan of superhero movies, I bet this list will get you going.

YES!!! Today, I will share the top 7 inspirational superhero movies that have stood the test of time and have still remained fan-favorites. 

Top 7 Superhero Movies That You Must Watch Right Now

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So, let’s get started on the list right now: 

1: Black Panther (2018)

This one is my personal favorite, and I can proudly say I was not an MCU fan until I watched Black Panther. 

Black Panther is an MCU classic that is both artistically and politically conservative. 

Although Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us, his cryptic smile, regal charisma, perfect body, contemplative speech patterns, and profoundly evocative eyes made him an instant icon from the moment he appeared on the screen.

The storyline is also impressive and has a slightly different twist than other MCU movies, which is why we can proudly say ‘Wakanda Forever’ even after all these years.

2: Logan (2017)

Yes, it's true that if you are not familiar with the X-men franchise, Logan will not make much sense to you.

But, the movie is a unique example of classic storytelling that does not waste time on exposition. 

This movie is indeed a good superhero movie to watch because it is made for people of all age groups. The storyline resonates with elderly parents, defiant children, and unhappy people who do meaningless jobs.

Plus, Hugh Jackman’s hot looks as Wolverine is something that can keep you glued to your seats.

3: The Dark knight (2008)

Christopher Nolan has exceeded his directing abilities with this masterpiece, and we cannot praise this movie enough with words.

On one hand, this movie deals with innovative ideas, and on the other hand, we see some stunning visuals come alive as Batman and Joker fight with each other.

The bits of storytelling in this movie explode all boundaries when enveloped with such a tensed ambiance.

So, watch this movie right now, and you will understand what we are talking about.

4: The Avengers (2012)

If one movie can be termed as the crowning achievement of MCU, it’s the 2012 release: Avengers.

All the superheroes of MCU that we have seen so far, from Iron Man to Captain America, from Black Widow to Hulk-all join forces in this movie.

This movie did something that no other film could do before.

Seeing all their favorite superheroes sharing screen space made fans crazy, and we got other Avengers movies afterward.

5: The Incredibles (2004)

Animated movies are indeed good to watch, and if you get the combo of animation and a superhero film, what more could you want, right?

It’s an entire family of superheroes, and from kids to young adults, everyone is a fan of this movie.

The characters are original; the storyline is captivating, the visuals are enchanting. 

It seems nothing is flawed in this movie, which is why it should be on your watchlist right now.

6: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Chris Evans slew the role of Captain America in the first movie, and Winter Soldier looked only more promising than the first one.

We could never get enough of the loving brotherly bond between Steve Rogers and Bucky Burns, but seeing the duo fighting opposite was mesmerizing.

Although Bucks is brainwashed when he fights Steve, the storyline keeps you hooked.

The movie also has a solid subtext, unlike many other superhero movies.

7: Iron Man (2008)

It all started with this MCU hit, and if you want to start watching superhero films, you can start with this one.

Robert Downey Jr.’s role as a billionaire, philanthropist, tech expert, and casanova will make you laugh and awestruck at the same time.

This is probably the one superhero movie where a man solely harnesses his technological genius to give birth to a superhero.

If you haven’t watched it yet, start watching it right now. 

Closing Thoughts

Are you still here?

Well, we have brought a nice collection of superhero films for you that can help you pass the pandemic with ease.

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