Best Hunting Off-Roaders You Can Buy in 2022

Best Hunting Off-Roaders You Can Buy in 2022

Hunting gear can be pretty expensive. The largest chunk of your budget will go towards buying and maintaining a hunting vehicle. The smartest choice would be to consider your hunting experience and needs and make a list of qualities you would want to see in your vehicle. Choosing a vehicle based on "bells and whistles" that look cool but only add to the cost, is not a great strategy unless you have unlimited funds.

In addition to the cost issue, you need a hunting and traveling companion that will help you access remote locations to hunt big game animals. Don't forget about storage space. You need plenty of it to carry supplies and gear to make your hunting comfortable and safe.

There are four options that can offer their owners serious off-roading capabilities, an acceptable level of comfort, and reasonable prices. Let's take a look at popular Jeep Wrangler models, pickup trucks, side-by-sides, and all-terrain vehicles or quads. The quads often come with ATV storage boxes which makes them a popular choice for experienced hunters.

Hunting With a Jeep Wrangler

The biggest draw of choosing a Wrangler is the ability to drive on and off-road. You can take cross-country trips without having to bring a second smaller vehicle for hunting, like an ATV. Wranglers behave well on icy, wet, or muddy terrain, and you can use them all year round. The Jeep Wrangler will allow you to move closer to the game after you've made a kill, making it easier to carry your trophy home.

The biggest drawback of choosing a Wrangler is its limited storage space. If you hunt big game, you might think about alternative vehicles. Or transform your Jeep into a more hunting-friendly vehicle by removing the top, doors and installing additional storage spaces and an aftermarket gun rack. Storage options usually include tailgate or roof cargo holders.

When buying a Wrangler, you may opt for older classic models. However, modern Jeeps have better ground clearance and safety features. There are also hundreds of aftermarket parts you can get to customize your vehicle if you have the means to do that.

All four generations of the Jeep Wrangler can be used for hunting.

Pickup Trucks: The Go-to Option

Most hunters opt for turning their all-purpose pickup truck into a hunting vehicle. Getting a used truck can be a cheaper alternative to specialized vehicles. Like the Jeep Wrangler, pickup trucks have the advantage of driving on the highways.

Most trucks have respectable off-roading capabilities. You can also use truck beds as field tables or luggage racks. Pickups are great for transporting large animals. An average pickup truck provides ten times more space than a side-by-side vehicle. You can also organize a comfortable "sleeping nest" in the cabin if you are going to spend a few nights outdoors. It will provide enough protection from elements and even dangerous wildlife.

Hunting experts recommend the following models:

  • Ram Rebel 1500,
  • Ford F-150,
  • Toyota TRD Pro.

UTVs: Elevate Your Hunting Experience

UTVs are a great option for determined hunters who want to maximize their hunting experience. Also known as side-by-sides, quads, or ROVs, these vehicles have less maneuverability than smaller ATVs, but can offer more in terms of safety and comfort.

Getting a side-by-sides is recommended for hunting parties up to 7 people. UTVs are made with heavy-duty steel tubes and are rugged, dependable hunting companions. You can opt for a model that has doors, a roof, and even a windshield if you want more protection from the elements. UTVs can move through the hardest terrain, including mud, snow, and rocks. They can offer enough cargo space to store weapons, and essential items if you are planning to spend a couple of nights in the wilderness.

Hunting experts recommend the following models:

  • Yamaha Wolverine,
  • Cam-Am Commander,
  • Polaris General,
  • Honda Pioneer.

ATVs: Explore Places Other Vehicles Fear To Tread

There's nothing a little rugged hunting ATV can't take on. You can use it to access remote locations in the wilderness and explore places far off the beaten path. Slopes, rocks, bodies of water, swamps — conquer them all while chasing the prey.

The biggest downside of ATVs is their limited cargo capacity. However, if you install an additional storage box for ATV, you will be able to take extra fuel cans, ammo, and tools.

Hunting experts recommend the following models:

  • Yamaha Grizzly,
  • Honda FourTrax,
  • Polaris Sportsman,
  • Can-Am Outlander.

Do you prioritize maneuverability, comfort, safety, or storage space? Think about your hunting habits and choose a vehicle accordingly.