How to Keep Synthetic Wigs from Frizzing

Most of us are curious to take out the frizz from the wigs. Most of us look to have beautiful hair with nice hair styles that we may change anytime to look smart and gorgeous. The simple fact is more we experiment with our hair, the more damaged it becomes.

How to Keep Synthetic Wigs from Frizzing

Washing the wig properly

Unlike natural wigs the synthetic wigs also require washing. A proper wash of the synthetic wigs is essential to achieve a tangle free synthetic  hair. A proper washing technique is bound to bring the 5 *5 transparent lace closure wig back to life. Not only it is going to clean the synthetic hairs, but will detangle the fizz. The wig needs to be washed with shampoo and conditioner properly.

Make it a policy that the product that you are using for washing has  low sulphate level and PH levels are low. After allowing it to settle for 5 to 7 minutes it is better that you wash it off with water. With a towel dry out the excess water from the wig and it is better if you store it on a dry stand so that the wig dries out naturally.

The choice of the proper detangling products

For the wigs you may opt for detangling products to fizzy the synthetic hairs. Such a method will help to remove knots and ensure that the hair is detangled properly. To remove fizz the hair can be put on the knee. When you are wearing them do not use the tools. The choice of the right brush or comb is vital that is designed for a synthetic wig. Even with the use of fingers you may get rid of the frizzy ends from a synthetic wig.

To reshape the wig, use a wide- toothed comb as it will detangle the fibres. A wet brush has a metal bristle or a wooden bristle with designs that are specially designed as it going to prevent the wigs from being torn. Make sure that you use the brush slowly so that it does become detangled in the wig. If you are going to use it fast or strong, it will damage the wig and would set the tone for serious problems.

Proper choice of the products

For washing synthetic wigs there is no point in using normal shampoos or conditioners. Even it is advised not to be using fabric air conditioner, or detergent to be washing the wigs. There are specially designed shampoos along with conditioners that is available in the market. Synthetic hairs are different from natural hairs, and if you use normal products it will weaken the fibres of the 5 *5 transparent lace closure wig. For synthetic wigs you can opt for African essence wig shampoo.

The use of this shampoo not only will provide a beautiful shine, as it is bound to be restoring the natural looks of the hair. A careful approach is suggested when you are choosing hair oils , moisturizers and more. All those products needs to be used that will end up protecting the synthetic fibres rather than when it plans to fizz.

Using heating tools

Before you are planning to choose any heating products, make it a point that the synthetic wig is heat friendly or heat resistant. The use of heating products like a heat roller is vital, or a flat iron to make sure that the fizz is out from the 5 *5 transparent lace closure wig. The flat iron needs to be used at a low temperature.

The flat iron needs to be used by development of a flat section with the aid of a comb and then you can strengthen every section. It prevents the layers from sticking out in all directions. The wig needs to be put on a wig stand so that your knee or the head does not burn.

Make sure that you are not damaging the synthetic hairs due to a lot of heat. Adopting such a method will take out the fizz from the synthetic hairs and would develop shine on to them.

Trimming down the synthetic hair

It is risky to be using a scissor to trim down the synthetic hair but it is one of the better ways to keep the hair away from frizz. For example if you are using a lot of hair products it becomes difficult to protect the hair from any form of damage.

If you are not happy with the above methods then it is better that you get the hair trimmed by a hair stylist. The fizzing ends should be trimmed with scissors or a blade which is accumulated around the nape. Suppose if you have a long wig to remove the fizzy ends you can trim it down by an inch.