Simple Tricks to Make Your House Smell Like a Spa

Simple Tricks to Make Your House Smell Like a Spa

Looking to recreate that spa smell in your home? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips to make your house smell like a spa...

Add Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a great way to give your home that spa feel. They smell great and have been used for thousands of years around the world as medical remedies. Their influence is so strong that their proposed benefits have been used in modern medicine. Essential oils are typically used in aromatherapy, and to manage anxiety and stress. By simply getting a diffuser and adding in various oils, you can create a heavenly smell in your home. A few scents to consider include:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Orange
  • Peppermint

Using a Reed Diffuser:

Perhaps even more simplistic than essential oils, is to add a reed diffuser to your home. An extremely popular choice in homes to add fragrance to your property, a reed diffuser do not require any heat or an open flame like a candle, and can disperse scents into the air naturally, but simply putting the reed stick into a pot of fragrance. They come in a huge variety of scents and are a practical solution to making your home smell fresh like a spa.

Air Purifier:

Before you start adding lovely scents to your home, it's important that you ensure that your home isn't holding any bad scents. Covering up unpleasant smells isn't always the answer- as sometimes this can make the space smell worse, as the bad odours will just mix with the new scents. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to purify the air in your home and eliminate any lingering smells before you add in a lovely scent. An easy way to do this is to add an air purifier to your home, as this will deodrise any unwanted and foul smells from your house. Additionally, an air purifier can help eliminate any dust and bacterial particles that are lingering. 

Add Pamper Products to the Space:

Most of the reason why spa’s smell so good is because they add in a lot of fragranced items. The beauty and body smells that they use in spa’s smell heavenly, and this emits through the spa which is why we associate the distinctive smell of a spa with luxury. By adding some high-quality, fragranced products to your home (which you actually like and use!), you will soon begin to see your home have the same smell.

Make Sure Your Home is Clean:

Perhaps the most important one its that your home is clean. Spa’s value themselves highly on being hygienic and clean for their clients- and bad smells aren’t going to disappear unless you make the time and effort to clean your property. Before you focus on the scent of your property, ensure that your home is clean and hygienic. 

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