Transform Your Home with Artificial Grass Installation in Toronto

Transform Your Home with Artificial Grass Installation in Toronto

Now more than ever, people are spending their free time at home. As a result, homebodies across the city are looking for new ways to enhance their backyard functionality. Due to its versatility and longevity, high-quality artificial grass installation in Toronto is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as homeowners are continuing to discover the range of possibilities enabled by synthetic turf for backyards. Once considered a mere lawn replacement, an artificial grass installation in Toronto is an opportunity to transform a backyard into a multi-functional living space. 

Putting Greens 

Using synthetic turf for backyards, you can custom design and install a private backyard putting green. High-quality artificial grass installations in Toronto for putting greens are short, dense, and neatly packed to mimic the play and ball roll of a professional golf course that you can access right in your backyard. Putting green turf engineered in high-tech facilities and installed professionally will withstand decades of use without divots or wear and tear, making it perfect for golf lovers looking to improve their short game from the comfort of their homes. Built with custom bends, breaks, and hole placement, an artificial grass-putting green is great for practicing alone, competing with friends, or spending quality time with family. 

Reading Nooks

When the weather is warm, artificial grass installations in Toronto make backyards an ideal place for reading, studying, or any other simple alone time. For those who love getting nestled in the grass but can do without the nuisance of pesky insects, dirt, or allergy-inducing weeds, synthetic turf for backyards is a viable alternative. The comfortable surfacing feels like natural grass without any of the irritants. Studies also suggest that immersion in a serene green environment can help diffuse feelings of stress or anxiety in favour of a calmer, more refreshing atmosphere. 


If you have kids at home, you’ll likely want your backyard to serve them as well as yourself. You can choose from coloured artificial grass in Toronto or mix and match to create fun kid-friendly patterns. Due to the durability of the turf, parents or givers can install swing sets and playsets on top of the turf without deteriorating its quality. When installed with high-quality underpadding, synthetic turf for backyards is equipped for safe use for kids. When installed for kids, synthetic turf for backyards prevents cuts, bruises, and severe injuries from slips and falls. And because the turf is non-toxic and no harsh chemical treatments like fertilizers are used for maintenance, kids can play in a hazard-free environment. 

Work Out Zone 

Ditching the gym but staying healthy is easier than ever with artificial grass for backyards. Build a designated workout zone where you can participate in high-intensity exercises from cross-fit and weight lifting to cardio and agility training. Resilient artificial grass installation in Toronto stays in top shape even when used for high-impact activities on a repetitive basis. The premium underpadding enhances shock absorption so you can run, jump, and lift while minimizing joint pain or muscle strains. For a more fun and inviting workout zone, you also have the option to customize the colour, pattern, or print of your backyard exercise turf. 

Entertainment Accessories 

Whether you’re interested in throwing large backyard parties or small get-togethers, synthetic turf for backyards has endless potential for decor and accessories. You can install impactful, photo-friendly walls where visitors can take pictures and share them on social media. Or you have the option to brand pieces of turf for welcome mats or wall decor with event names or logos. 

To learn more about all the ways you can elevate your space with a high-quality artificial grass installation in Toronto, contact Echoing Green. 

The Evolution of Artificial Grass in Toronto 

High-quality turf solutions and artificial grass installation options for commercial and residential properties are gaining momentum in the world of interior and exterior design. Leading artificial grass suppliers and installation services, like Echoing Green, leverage a wide selection of exclusive, high-quality products and digital marketing services, enabling residential and commercial property owners across the city to reap the benefits of synthetic turf.