What Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment in Delhi?

What Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment in Delhi?

Delhi, the capital of India is a densely populated city. This is because people from all parts of the country come here to seek better life and opportunities. This city has helped many to realize their dreams. Being the capital city, most of the MNCs have their head office based here. Besides providing lots of job opportunities in different profiles, the right candidates also can get a very high package. They also get the chance to go abroad.

Overcoming fear

As a first-timer, going to Delhi can be an overwhelming task, especially for those who have never visited the city before. Such a populated city and different kinds of people belonging to diverse culture, religions and language, it can make many to feel nervous. But then, it is just like any other city, having that tag of being a mega city and the capital city.


It is quite natural that if you do not have any relative or friend staying there, then you are to seek a rental apartment to stay. Finding single rooms for rent in delhi is not a tough task, since there are lots of PGs, independent houses, etc. But then the monthly rental rates do different based on the location you select. This is universal and nothing new. It is you who have to decide where you want to stay.

Hence, the first task that you need to jot down some questions that you need to seek answers. You may research the web for assistance or ask anyone who might have previously stayed in Delhi. This way, you can get a better idea of the expenses over there. You may choose to stay in New Delhi or Old Delhi. The latter is more affordable and has plenty of markets around. They do offer hygienic living conditions at budget rates.

Important Questions to ask

It is quite obvious that you will have some questions popping in your mind concerning your Delhi trip and stay. You may have secured a job or college seat there. Then what next? Where do you plan to stay? Getting to know some questions will help you to make the right choice.

What monthly rent you can afford?

This is an important point to consider much before you start your search. There are apartments and independent homes available in different localities at different rates. You just need to ask yourself how much you can afford to pay every month. Accordingly, you need to go ahead with your search by keeping the maximum amount limit you can spend.

Is the apartment put up for rent still unoccupied and available?

Doing some research on the web is sure to throw up plenty of accommodation options available. But some could have been occupied recently and not updated. If you depend on that specific property for your accommodation and fail to confirm its availability, then you will be in a miserable condition on reaching the place. Hence, call them up to find out and if possible, you may make an advance to confirm your choice of room before you leave your city.

What else to pay apart from first month’s rent?

It is a custom for homeowners and apartment owners to seek some advance amount. This can be a couple of months’ rent as security deposit. Others might even ask for more. You can find many rental property portals that clearly depict the monthly rent charged with security deposit amount. You may even call them up on the contact number given to confirm the payment amount charged.

What kind of personal information will the property owner require from you?

Getting ready for this question will ensure you can take into confidence the owner and get hold of the rental property without much hassle. They ask such questions to be on the safe side and know to whom they are letting out their property. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams going on in the city and its surroundings. Hence, landlords offering single room on rent in delhi will prefer to carry out background checks on their new tenants. They will ask for your address proof, identity proof, job or college proof. You should provide them with your available documents to put them at ease.

Is the apartment suitable for you?

It is another aspect that you should check out. The apartment should be spacious and have the facilities that are required to enjoy your current lifestyle. Find out eh square feet area offered, water, current, gatekeeper or security guard, parking facilities, food availability if not cooking on your own or kitchen with ready-to-use gas connection, utensils, cupboards, bed and other furniture items. It is your budget and choice that determines whether to opt for furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished apartments. Most furnished apartments also come fitted with Air Conditioner, TV, Cable connection, refrigerator, washing machine, living room, games room, etc. But then, they are a bit expensive, but can enhance comfort and lifestyle.

Therefore, asking such questions will allow you to enjoy your stay in Delhi city and have peace of mind.