3 Writing Styles That Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

3 Writing Styles That Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Have you ever read a heart touching novel or even a short story that left you feeling all the feels?

If so, as a student you might have also experienced feelings like "wish I could write that expressively". In that case, this write up is exactly for you. Whether a writer or not, every human should be able to express their emotions and feelings clearly. Because if that doesn't happen, it can cause havoc of miss communication and misunderstandings. And no person has ever enjoyed that experience in the history of human life.

Writing styles are amazing tools that should be deployed by everyone to avoid the pain of being taken wrong or misinterpreted. These writing styles are so good that they have the power to change the way you think about anything. Want to be able to write content that is compelling and persuading? Then check out the list of writing styles mentioned below


It is an acronym that stands for the words:

  • P - Point
  • E - Evidence
  • T - Technique
  • A - Analysis
  • L - Link

As the acronym suggests, PETAL is an easy and effective method of formulating a solid essay. It is a paragraph writing style that helps students create powerful and well structured documents.

It is mostly used to create an argument or a defensive statement in an essay. because of the key elements that it uses to structure the essay.

POINT represents the beginning of the essay. When using this writing style, each point will carry the arguments you want to highlight with respect to the essay question or title in play. It is basically what you believe in with respect to the title.

EVIDENCE represents an example of sorts that proves your point. You can use quotes or cite sentences supporting your opinion from other authors' work.

TECHNIQUE represents how well read you are about the quotes or excerpts used in the above mentioned section.

ANALYSIS represents a deeper discussion based on the techniques and evidence used by you.  

LINK represents going back to the opinion you established in the point section. You steer your way towards proving it right.

And by repeating this technique in every paragraph of your document, you get to create the best essay ever.


The acronym stand for:

  • T- Topic
  • E- Explanation
  • E- Example
  • L- Linking

TEEL is a rather well-known and frequently used paragraph writing style. It focuses on well defined and logically flowing paragraphs. You can apply this technique to form better essays. Here is what each term in the acronym TEEL stands for:

TOPIC stands for the topic sentence, which usually is the opening sentence of the essay. It attempts to explain to the reader exactly what this paragraph will cover.

EXPLANATION stands for the sentence or couple of sentences that follow the topic sentence. They try to elaborate on what was mentioned in the topic sentence.

EXAMPLE stands for any sort of evidence to back up the opinion you have just introduced to the reader. This will make things more clear.

LINKING stands for links, and as the name suggests, this sentence works like a connector between the current paragraph and the next paragraph.

Students should use this technique to write every paragraph of their essay, as this will surely create a very well structured and critical essay.


  • O- Opinion
  • R- Reason
  • E- Evidence
  • O- Opinion

OREO is a very new style of paragraph writing. It is used by students to create persuasive essays. It helps students plan out their content while creating an original essay. This not only helps students write better essays, but it also helps them memorise important and crucial points in their essays.

In this acronym, the letters stand for:

OPINION is where the students get to introduce their point of view to the readers. This is the beginning point of the paragraph. And frames the entire structure for that particular paragraph. This is all about how students feel about the given topic.

REASON is where students give justification for the opinion mentioned in the above sentences. They try to tell the reader why they feel the way they feel about the topic.

EVIDENCE is where students get to prove their opinion and the justification for it that they mentioned in the sentences written before this one. They can either provide examples to do so or use any author’s work that sheds light on their own opinion.

OPINION is again to mention the point of view of students. They reintroduce the reader to their feelings and opinions.

According to essay writing help - USA, by repeating this exact technique in the subsequent paragraphs, students will be left with a 100% original and very persuasive essay.

These were some of the techniques that you could use to create any type of essay you want. Whatever the essay question and the style of the essay, if you apply any of the above mentioned paragraph writing styles, you will most definitely get an impressive essay written in no time.

So try out the techniques and find the best fit for yourself. And please do not use these writing styles; follow one style of paragraph writing throughout your essay to get the maximum benefits.

Authors’ bio: Joseph Anderson is an upcoming and aspiring writer from New York, New York. He has been studying at Columbia University for his literature thesis. He has been working with Global Assignment Help for the past few years as a freelance academic writer, assisting students with various problems they face with writing. He provides essay writing help to US students. In his free time, he loves going through classic American movies and books.