8 Effective Ways to Get Followers on Your Instagram Page

8 Effective Ways to Get Followers on Your Instagram Page

Instagram is a digital realm where your level of influence shows in the number of followers on your page. And while it might look like it’s easy to get to those 5,000 or 50,000 followers, we all know that is not the case. It takes work but most importantly, it takes strategy. And in 2022, these are the techniques that will help you stand out from the fray:

1. Having a Voice

People are not the same – neither are brands. But yet, some people try to make it on Instagram by copying what someone else has done. Guess what? That only sets you up for failure. How long can you keep emulating someone else? More so, how long before you grow tired of hiding behind a mask? Instead, find what you are passionate about – are you entertaining, educative, introspective? What are you? Find a way to communicate this to your audience. And because you will not be trying to come off as someone else, the real you will shine through.

2. Cleaning Up Your Bio

Most people who come to your page don’t know who you are or what you do. That’s why your bio exists – as a guideline of what you are about and what new followers can expect. First, they see the number of followers, indicating just how many people think you are worth following. If that number is low, it’s always good to buy high-quality Instagram followers and give it a boost. Then they look at what your bio says. That’s where you should include what you do or what you sell. E.g., Leather Shoes in New Condition, Worldwide Delivery. Then add your contact details and website. And just like that, people will know what you are about and can decide if they want to go down that road.

3. Staying Consistent

Sometimes, people get off track by looking at what others are doing. But that’s not the best way to approach Instagram. Sure, people are always coming up with new ways to engage their followers. And you should not get left behind on these waves. But even so, as you experiment, you should stay in touch with your content calendar. If the goal is to post five times a day, keep it that way. And if you want to try anything else, use it as a supplement and not as a replacement. After all, you have no idea what the effect of the new feature could be. And if it does not work out, at least you will not have hurt your reputation for consistency.

4. Analyzing Your Performance

We recommend switching to a professional or business account as it helps you stay on track with insights. Why does this matter? It’s pretty simple. Sometimes, you may be posting content thinking that your followers enjoy it. But the only way to know for sure is by looking at the engagement. How many people are liking your posts? How many replies do you get to your stories? These are some of the analytics that can help you gauge which posts you should stick to and which ones to discard. As you experiment with new features, you can always come back to the analytics to measure how successful they are.

5. Actively Interacting with Instagram Users

You are not an island and cannot exist as one. It’s one thing to sit back, post, and wait for people to come and interact with your content. But it’s another to be proactive by interacting with other people’s content. You see, if you never comment on or engage with people’s posts, you are not visible. And you miss out on the chance to attract a following. So, get out of your comfort zone and find accounts you like. Look at their content and respectfully comment on it. However, you need to take it slow with being active. If you start replying to comments too fast, the Instagram algorithm could mistake you for a bot and shut down your account. Take it easy, and soon enough, the interactions will bear fruit.

6. Minding Your Following

When Instagram first started, follow for follow was a big movement. You would follow each person that followed you. And that meant that when you eventually hit 5,000 followers, you would be following a similar number of people. While that seems harmless, it has a damaging effect on your profile. People can automatically tell that you used this technique to rack up your followers. And it also creates the illusion that your content is not worth a dime – after all, why aren't your followers more than the people you follow? If you have this problem, you need to unfollow some of the people on your profile. Again, you need to be careful; lest the Instagram algorithm think you are a bot and close your account.

7. Displaying Authenticity

We earlier talked about the danger of emulating someone else and how this can get tiring. On the same note, you should remain true to yourself. Sometimes, people change who they are once the followers and money come streaming in – they start posting things that their followers might not relate to. Unfortunately, this only results in a loss of the diehard followers who liked your content in the past. Readjust your direction and embrace your authenticity if you catch yourself veering off the path. It’s what will set you apart from the rest of the accounts that are trying hard to escape who they are.

8. Working with Influencers

User-generated content will always take precedence over business-generated content. Find influencers who match your brand’s voice and use them to create more awareness about your page. It works even better when you work with them collaboratively, as this helps you tap deeper into their demographic.

It’s inevitable that once your strategies kick off, your brand will soar to greater heights. And while it is good to celebrate your wins, you should not center your content around them. Instead, stick to the voice you chose and remain on track. Consistency is the key to staying relevant on this highly competitive platform. Use it to your advantage.