Best Beaches in Lagos

Photo by anna-m. w. from Pexels

The Iberian nation is best known for some of its famous attributes such as Port wine (a famous grape wine in Portugal), Azulejos tiles, standard golf courses that rank as some of the best globally, best producers of cork, and finally a rich footballing culture that has produced Eusebio and Ronaldo, two football greats. But Portugal is also known for fine weather with a warm climate which tourists have majorly earmarked as a good travel destination. 

In Portugal, one particular city regarded as a mecca for tourists annually is the Algarve region called Lagos. A trip to Lagos offers you rocky reliefs at Ponta de Piedade and sandy beaches. Standing at a vantage position at any of the cliffs in Ponta de Piedade, spread out across your view, is the headland spanning the area with a lighthouse jutting out from the Atlantic Ocean. This and many other options are worthy vacation places in Lagos.

Sitting close to the Atlantic Ocean, tourists are attracted to the sandy beaches, offering a variety of vacation ideas for family, friends, and any company offering its workers corporate getaway. Some of the best travel destinations globally are located in Lagos beach, Portugal. These beaches are outlined below:

1. Meia Praia 

This is by land size the largest beach in the Algarve region, a 2.5miles stretch. The area skirting the Atlantic ocean straddles from the western area of Lagos to the Eastern side of the Oxiadere River. Surrounding the beach are large swathes of grasses. Along the banks of the beach are hotels, relaxation centers, residential buildings, and places you can have a home for rent if you want to indulge yourself in some of the cool ocean breezes. 

The extensive land area is the main advantage of the Meia Praia, as there is enough space for your whole clan if you are searching for any beach in Lagos that would accommodate that size. You can also have your privacy as much as you want. Taking a walk along the banks can be a pleasing experience too.

2. Praia da Batata 

Ever had any experience of any beach in Lagos? If you have, then you should have heard or experienced the Praia da Batata. It is a touching distance to the Rio Bensafarim river. This beach is always recommended as the go-to beach for first-timers and visitors considering any vacation places in Lagos due to its closeness to the city center. 

This proximity also ranks as a disadvantage as crowds of people visit the place to seek relief from the summer heat. The beach has very calm waters and possesses some facilities that visitors can rent. It is the perfect vacation option for families.

3. Praia de Dona Ana 

This is one beach for the cameras as it is one of the most picture-perfect beaches you would ever come across. Southward to the Lagos region, the beach is bounded by several beautifully stratified cliffs that would be a sight to behold for any geologist on vacation. It can easily be regarded as one of the best beaches in Lagos.

If you want to dip your toes or swim in the turquoise-colored seawater of the Praia de Dona Ana, it will rank as one of the best choices you would make. On a hot summer day, the sea still retains its coolness. Due to the calm nature of the sea, it doesn't accommodate high-octane activities like surfing. The steep and sometimes slippery steps do not make the pace suitable for the physically challenged.

4. Praia do Barranco do Martinho 

Standing on the cliff and looking towards the sunset, this beach is a sight to behold. The sea offers a calm and serene ambiance and is suitable for swimming. The Praia do Barranco do Martinho is tucked between cliffs and only offers a small spot for leisure. It gives off a secluded feeling and is the only private beach in Lagos.

5. Praia do Camilo 

Accessibility to this beach in Lagos requires descending a cliff that could be energy-sapping. These exertions would be well compensated when you get to see nature express itself at the bottom of this cliff. Though rocky in some places, this is a beautiful beach, but the sands that appear golden during sunset complement it. 

It is not the largest beach and can only permit a few hundred. Ascending the top of any of the cliffs in the area, the panoramic view offers a variety of rock beautified by strata of calcareous formations and plants growing on the face of these rocks. Praia do Camilo would be worth your trip to Lagos, undoubtedly.

6. Praia do Canavial 

This narrow beach is flanked by Porto de Mos in the east and Praia do Barranco do Martinho. It does not offer a very serene atmosphere due to the constant splashing of the sea waves, but it is suitable for surfing. Some of the faces of the cliffs present in the area have experienced erosion by the action of rainwater. 

The path leading to the beach requires climbing a water edge. The place experiences few visits, which might be good for anyone who wants some alone time.

7. Praia dos Estudantes 

This beach has some historical background connected to its making. Straddling two rock formations over the sea in the area is a Roman-style arch that acts as a bridge. The bridge was once a remnant of an 18th-century fortress. This imposing structure is now one of Lagos's most outwardly appealing beaches, especially when looking underneath the structure from a boat.

8. Ponta da Piedade 

Individuals could mistake the scenery of this beach for a piece of art straight from an artist's canvas. Also called Piety Point, the land formations are a perfect blend of brown-colored cliffs of sandstone (punctured by well-carved caves in some cliffs), mats of green grass on cliff surfaces, and isolated cliff formations jutting out from the shallow water. 

Sea waves constantly splash against the cliff, and if you are close enough, you can feel the sea spray. Taking a boat tour would require skilled persons who can maneuver the cliff formations of the shallow water. This beach would undoubtedly rank as the best beach in Lagos. 

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