Best Refurbished iPhones in 2023

Best Refurbished iPhones in 2023

The hype for iPhones and Apple products, in general, has been consistently rising ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007. And we get this hype. iPhones are definitely a class above all smartphones, and it looks like the hype is about to stay. 

Have you always wanted an iPhone but could never convince yourself to spend the big bucks to buy one? Well, then refurbished is the way to go! While these phones may not be brand new, they are thoroughly checked and repaired for damages to ensure that the end product you get looks brand new! 

Even if the phone is refurbished and cheaper, spending such large amounts of money can be scary. So why not buy your mobile on EMI? With apps like ZestMoney, you can buy your phone on a no-cost EMI with 0% interest and no down payment, making your dream iPhone more accessible to you! 

Here is a list of our top 3 best refurbished iPhones to buy in 2023: 

1. iPhone 12 Pro 

Let's start with the latest one first! The iPhone 12 Pro is one of the best phones available in the market and is definitely value for money if you use high performing apps on your phone regularly. The camera on this phone is unbeatable with a front-facing TrueDepth camera that enables crisp and clear nighttime selfies. Available in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch options, the phone features super Retina XDR displays.  This is truly one of the best refurbished iPhones and it starts from ₹70,000 onwards for the 128GB model. 

2. iPhone 11 

Powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, this is also a great model to purchase for a high performing and long-lasting phone. It has a powerful front camera and a dual rear camera setup that supports ultra-wide shots and provides an impeccable resolution of 12MP. This refurbished iPhone has a powerful and long-lasting battery of 3110mAh and a powerful processor. The starting price for the best refurbished iPhone 11 is upwards of ₹40,000 or you can choose to buy the mobile on EMI with ZestMoney!

3. iPhone SE (2nd Generation) 

Are you looking for an iPhone that has all the features, but you’re not comfortable spending on the latest models? Try the iPhone SE. This phone is a lot more budget-friendly and is a great phone to start with if you are new to Apple products. This phone boasts great camera quality, particularly in daylight and is very lightweight and easy to carry. The only drawback is the battery life but besides that, this phone is definitely a bang for your buck!  You can purchase the iPhone SE for around ₹30,000. 

4. iPhone 8 Plus

Are you looking for a larger phone with a big display for gaming? Then try the iPhone 8 Plus. This is the largest iPhone Apple has produced so far and even though the model was launched in 2017, this phone is still a great buy. Definitely one of the best refurbished iPhones for its performance and quality! You can buy an iPhone 8 Plus for around ₹25,000. 

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