Social Anxiety? Start Indoor Running Today & Get Fit

Social Anxiety? Start Indoor Running Today & Get Fit

Do you like to work-out alone in the gym? Do you feel like setting up your own private gym, but you settled in for a treadmill at home? The whole point of working out in private is to focus completely on your body, isn’t it? So, if you are an introverted fitness buff, we have great news for you. Introducing Vingo, the all-new indoor running app that will take you into your own private world of fitness!

The New Technology & Fitness App

Vingo is the latest in the digital world where thousands of people from across the world come online every day to explore and socialise all the while they work-out. And they all do it at the comfort of their homes. No more going to noisy gyms or running on smoke filled roads. You can run all you want on your treadmill while you go on long winding trails on some of your favourite locations around the world.

Connect the App with Your Treadmill

You can install Vingo on your Phone, Tablet or even your smart TV and fix the screens in front of you while you step on your treadmill. The app automatically detects your speed on the mill and adjusts the scenery based on that. Even if you have an older model of treadmill, you can manually enter your speed on the app and let it do the rest. A cadence or a speed monitor can also help.

Once you connect your treadmill with the app, you can select the map you want to explore. You have a variety of choices when it comes to this. The latest addition to the maps is Iceland with its magnificent volcanoes and sandy beaches. These locations have been designed keeping the real locations in mind and they are as realistic as the real place, so, get ready for an immersive Online Running experience.

Before you select the map, there is a little thing you need to do, create your own avatar. Just upload your selfie and let the app do the rest. You can select from a range of outfits, work-out gear and more for your avatar. This avatar is what represents you inside the screen and how you’re seen by other members in that location.

There is a voice chat feature that comes with the app if you want to find new friends. But if you feel shy, you can always turn off the chat with the mute button. This way you can have a calm, relaxing run every morning at the place of your choice.

If you want to take your furry friend with you on your run, you can select from a variety of animals available on the app. Vingo, the Online Running App is the best when it comes to indoor running.

The Vingo app is an excellent companion for those who have social anxiety. Fighting social anxiety and at the same time getting fit is not easy. It requires urgent care and it is given by the Vingo app.