4 Best Simple Timekeeping Tools for Tracking Work Hours

4 Best Simple Timekeeping Tools for Tracking Work Hours

Punctuality isn't just for corporations to keep tabs on their workers, but also great for workers themselves to manage their workload more effectively and proficiently. Hence, tools like Timecard Calculator is so valuable for businesses.

Timesheets help keep track of the exact work hours and employ set hourly wages to accurately calculate and report payroll. This process is quick, efficient, fully automated, and can be used to oversee individual projects.

What to look for in a timecard calculator?

Timecard calculators used for time management purposes must be able to fulfill some basic requirements to be considered fit for use.

Ease of Use

Modern timekeeping tools should be operable with basic skills and generate reports that are easy to interpret and can be saved offline or printed for filing records.

Free of Fuss

Although many timekeeping tools are equipped with features like GPS tracking and advanced analytics, companies are better off with more straightforward resources that deal with necessary calculations.

Allows Multiple Calculation Options

With timecard tools, you should be able to assess the stats of individual employees or different projects undertaken by the same individual.

Free of Charge

Though some time tracking apps are available with exclusive premium or "freemium" features, free tools are beneficial for businesses and are more useful to employees to oversee their own timekeeping requirements.

Best Timecard Tools for Tracking Work?

Timecard tools might be simple or fully featured, with the second type being capable of functions other than tracking work hours, depending on one's needs. With the immense number of options available for public use, choosing the right one can be a challenge.

In any case, if you're looking to improve your time management skills, the following list includes some of the most widely used options among simple timesheet tools.

1. DNSChecker.org

The DNS Checker server is equipped with a number of helpful digital tools, the key among which is their timecard calculator. This automated timesheet is capable of tracking employee work hours to the second, and precisely calculating employee payrolls per base hourly rate, as well as making adjustments for overtime or currency.

This tool is designed to be highly convenient, uncomplicated in its use, and an effective resource for employees to hone their time management skills.

Features include:

  • Custom hourly rate
  • Weekly and biweekly timesheet reporting
  • Dedicated employee and project-based timecards
  • Days-per-week settings
  • The option between auto-filled timecards or daily gross pay
  • Overtime and deduction calculations
  • Downloadable and printable timecards

2. MyHours.com

This is another open-source timesheet designed to add hours, calculate work engagement, and tally payrolls as comprehensive PDF worksheets.

It allows workers to save and bookmark preferable hourly settings and has integrated overtime and absence tracking. This saved data can be inserted into other websites and even shared with spreadsheet apps like Excel or Google Sheets.

Features include:

  • Deduction and overtime tracking
  • Custom date, employee, and project settings
  • PDF printables
  • Time Clock MTS
  • Shareable data links

3. Toggl

As a paid service, Toggl's timecard tool allows in-depth timekeeping for busy companies dealing with multiple employees. Along with the basic features, it can round off work hours anywhere from the nearest five to 60 minutes in order to fit their employees' needs.

Despite some of its features being premium, Toggle allows free demos and is a worthy timekeeping resource for businesses that value productivity.

Features include:

  • 30 day, cancellable free trial
  • Custom hourly settings
  • Convenient rounding options
  • Base pay rates
  • Overtime for non-exempt employees
  • Printable sheets

4. Spica

This is yet another, relatively uncomplicated premium timecard server that can be employed via free trial and allows companies to supervise payroll criteria with little effort and the promise of accurate results.

Plus, its advanced tools include 24-hour formats, keeping weekends hidden, and email printable files to concerned parties or personnel. Overtime calculation isn't available as of this article being posted but will be available soon.

Features include:

  • Free trial
  • Hourly settings
  • 24-hour format
  • Base pay and currency options
  • CSV printables and file-sharing

Which simple timecard tool is the best?

Timesheet tools are being increasingly improved with advanced and premium facilities such as GPS tracking and comprehensive analytics. However, as a basic need for companies everywhere, the ideal tools should be free, easy to use, and avoid tactics that can be considered overkill or invade privacy.

Therefore, tools provided by sites like DNSChecker.org are the optimal choice thanks to their automated, user-friendly features which are available for free and require little manual effort.


In today's uncertain financial climate, time tracking technologies allow employees to clock in and out of work with the knowledge that they'll be fairly and adequately compensated for their work.

Whether you run or work for a large company, or are enjoying a freelance or self-employed status, timesheet tools like the Free Timecard Calculator are a crucial means for maintaining a productive work schedule and improving your financial prospects.