5 Necessary Items for Bedding for Kids Rooms

5 Necessary Items for Bedding for Kids Rooms

If you are a parent, you know how important it is to ensure that your child is brought up in an environment most conducive to their growth and development. 

According to Rachel Dawkins, a doctor at John Hopkins All Children's Hospital, having a healthy sleep cycle enhances cognitive development, and that in turn amounts to your kids growing up to outperform their potential. She further warns that if children cannot get adequate sleep, they might develop conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and potentially even depression. 

Keeping in mind the psychological ramifications of sleep, the most crucial elements of bedding have been assessed and discussed in further detail to enable your child to sleep more comfortably. 

The four essentials for your kids' bed-

  • Quilt covers 

Quilts are the essential item of bedding as they keep us warm and snug as we sleep. But quilt covers are even more important as they add that extra coating of softness which makes all the difference when it comes to kids. 

Since children have really sensitive skin, using coarse covers can make their sleep less comfortable, which could even disrupt the sleep cycle. 

Besides the coarseness of the fabric, it is also imperative to check the chemicals used for processing it, as some chemicals could be unsuited or potentially harmful to children. 

When my friend shifted to Sydney, her child started facing sleep issues at night, so I suggested her to  buy quality quilt covers online in Australia and then it really helped her child. 

  • Comforters 

Children are susceptible to falling ill even if they catch the slightest of chills which makes a comforter their best friend. Not only are comforters really warm and snuggly but they happen to be really light in weight.

Since children tend to move around a lot during their sleep, having something light and comfortable would not hinder any such movement.

Besides being light in weight, a comforter dries up really fast and saves up a lot of your time and energy when it comes to taking it out for a wash. 

  • Waterproof mattress protector 

Children tend to be in a world of their own and often take to bed various beverages or food items, which when spilled tend to cause irreparable damage to the mattress. Younger children are prone to bedwetting which may happen without any prelude, so even if your child is not prone but falls within the age bracket, it is advisable to invest in a waterproof mattress protector so as to avoid any unforeseen circumstances

  • Sheets 

Bed sheets need to be the right amount of softness while being strong enough to enable comfortable movement during the night. A thread count above 900 should be good enough, but there are things far more important than just the feel of the fabric.

With diseases amongst children rising year after year, you need to ensure that the sheet is not processed using any harmful chemicals, the most prominent of which is formaldehyde. It gives sheets a crispier outlook by preventing them from wrinkling. 

  • Breather pillows 

These pillows are designed to maintain the head’s ideal angle of incline which becomes crucial for children, especially those under the age of eight as their spinal structure is still quite delicate. 

With the head balanced perfectly, the rest of the body maintains its posture thereby preventing any undue strain on the nerves. 

The casing of the pillow is highly porous in the sense that it allows the flow of air which helps maintain a cooler outer temperature, thereby ensuring that your child get a sound sleep, without any discomfort. These pillows can be adjusted depending on the person, so in the event that your child decides to desire a different pillow, you can always repurpose this one, without thinking twice. 


We live in a time where information and technology are interacting with one another to give rise to a variety of solutions that are enabling the developmental process of children. 

It is not enough to go with the first thing that you come across. First, proper research and understanding are necessary to take full advantage of the options available. This article marks just the first step of your journey of becoming a well informed customer who knows exactly what would benefit as well as harm their children.