5 Plumbing Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

5 Plumbing Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing is one of those systems or areas in a home that are vital. Simple plumbing issues such as frozen pipes or leaky faucets, and many more issues, can be catastrophic ones if you ignore them. While hiring a professional and licensed plumber is the most preferred choice when you have plumbing problems, there are some repairs that you can do on your own with a piece of plumbing knowledge. But make no mistake when it comes to plumbing. Some plumbing jobs can be overly frustrating and challenging when performed DIY. If you live in areas such as Frisco, or surrounding communities, you would like to work with the best and most reliable Frisco, TX, plumbers available in your areas, especially for plumbing emergencies, and other plumbing needs and repairs. Working with professional plumbers comes at a high cost, at least more often than not. We can deny the fact that the more money we spend, the more quality we receive. Nonetheless, Lex's Plumbing has some tricks and hacks you can use in saving a sum of money. 

Being said, here are five beneficial plumbing tricks everyone should know. 

1. Using thread tape

Whenever you hear the term plumbing, wait for it, thread tape will always appear in some sentences down to paragraphs. In this situation, let us begin with it. Thread tape is the most common item employed when taking care of a leaky pipe. The notion of replacing the whole pipe just because of a few worn-out threads is not realistic. Thread tape will help prevent the huge mess, use of extra tools, and the flooring that comes with dope- provided the fact that dope is a bit messy. Let us take a look at how you will use the thread tape. 

Invest in a thicker thread tape, but having the thinner thread tape may come in very handy in no time. 

You may only use thread tape on pipe threads. Do not use it on compression fittings. 

Always make sure to wrap the tape three times on the pipe threads. Wrap the thread tape clockwise motion to avoid unraveling when tightening the joints into place. 

2. Repairing a clogged drain

Clogged drains always give headaches to many homeowners. Even the idea of DIY is a messy task. To repair one, you will need one or two devices. For beginners, you will need to have a flexible shaft pick-up tool, and if you do not own one, Zip-it can do so. You can also utilize dry/wet vacuum to unclog the drains, yet it is always vital that if you use one, make sure that you know the proper usage of drain snakes. It will help prevent breaking your pipes. 

3. Do you have stuck pipes?

Your local plumbers may have started using pipe dope when sealing the piping system around your house, so now, these threaded connections do not want to budge no matter how forceful you do it. 

Here is how you repair them.

Try using moderate heat to the threaded connections, preferably employing a blow torch. Remember, you use a blow torch on metallic connections and not on plastic fittings. It may take some time before you can detach it with ease. You will also want to get enough heat. In addition, make sure that you protect your working areas from the flame using a heat-resistant cloth.

Note: Use only this strategy on waste and water pipings. Never use it on gas and fuel lines!

4. Use new supply lines. 

We are all doomed by difficult economic conditions. Yet, there is no reason to repeat using the current supply lines, as it could, in the long run, cost you an arm and a leg. In most situations, these supply lines are from plastic, and we know that over time, plastic tends to degrade and be fragile. Reusing existing supply lines can cause heavy leaks that could lead to water damage to your home. When possible, change the existing supply lines with new stainless steel fittings. Stainless steel fittings are more durable and less likely to leak or burst. 

5. Update your catalog

The contemporary plumbers no longer use plumber's putty. Instead, invest in silicone caulk for the plumbing task. The best thing about silicone caulk is that it is more durable. It does not stain your plumbing. Also, it will not contaminate your water. 

These simple tricks and hacks will help you save money and time. There are many tricks on the internet. Yet, always make sure you work with a professional for the more challenging plumbing tasks, like installations, replacements, emergencies, and major repairs. Give Lex's Plumbing a call now.